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HypoT After RAI

I just had my latest blood test results and was after some advice as to what they mean

The GP tested:




The first two were OK but vit D was low so the GP has sent a prescription to my chemist for me. I had RAI on Aug 3rd which finally kicked in after 3 months.

On Nov 6th:

Tsh was 52 (range .38 to 4.7)

T4 was less than 4 (range 10 to 23)

I started 50 mg of Levo on 7th Nov, increased to 75mg on 21st Nov.

Blood test 7th Dec

Tsh has gone down to 33.5

T4 has gone up to 17

T3 is 3.5 (range 2.7 to 6.6)

Any thoughts on what this means? I have been feeling really rough although better the last few days and signed off work to Jan 3



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Hi, Lily60, sorry you are feeling bad but things will get better.

Please give us the numbers and reference ranges for everything tested, to help us help you.

You are entitled to copies of blood tests.

Seems GP has not tested folate but this ought to be tested, with ferritin and Vit D, when B12 tested as folate is important to absorption of B12.

You will feel rough, but things are going in the right direction as TSH is down and FT4 is up.

Plus you do seem to be getting T4 increments and blood tests at correct intervals. Pity the FT3 is not always tested, try pushing for it to be tested always, it helps show if T4 is being converted to T3 adequately. has loads of useful info re taking T4/influences on absorption/tests etc.


Well as regards the FT3 , it is very low and I agree with above. I expect you need T3 prescribed. A low dose at first, then depending on blood tests. A lot of us need our FT 3 to be towards the top of range to feel OK.If put on T3 , 10mcg or 20 mcg to start with, it takes about a month to reach maximum. It is important to split the dose, whatever it is. Try and take half the dose 12 hour apart or as near as possible.Vit D , a hormone, takes about 3 months to reach maximum, often needs increase doses until the right level. However vital you have a calcium test ( corrected calcium) before starting D treatment and before each dose increase. Calcium must never be out of range.



Your going in the right direction, it takes a while for your body to adjust to the dosage you are on, it will level out eventually, patience and perseverance is required (unfortunately). your T3 levels will probably come up a bit more in time too, but worth keeping an eye on :)


As suggested above always get a printout of your blood tests complete with ranges. Also get your B12 results as GP's tend to think it is sufficient for you to be 'in range' when in fact we should aim for the upper level. If you put - could it B12 - in the search box you will see how important it is.


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