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Two questions-TSH results and cystitis?

Hi everyone! I am currently on 50 mcg a day for underactive thyroid. I have two questions really: does anyone experience cystitis/frequent urination symptoms with thyroid problems? Both of these symptoms are driving me crazy but the doctor won't accept the connection between to the two. I have had urine cultures sent off to the lab and they show I don't have a bacterial infection, but I am currently being treated for thrush (caused by the antibiotics for the infection I didn't have!!)

And also I have been feeling anxious/panic attacks/losing weight even though i'm eating more but the doc says my test results: TSH- 0.51 (range 0.2-4) /free T4 17.5 (range ??-19) are fine and he doesn't think my medication needs altering. Has anyone else found that a TSH of less than 1 makes them have hyper symptoms?

Thanks x

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Hi Cookie My TSH on my last blood test was 0.05 and i don't have hyper symptoms ,I think that needing to pee all the time is par for the course and anxious/panic attacks are also common ,but losing weight !! we all wish we could lose weight , I have put on over 5 stone now and still going on the up .So out of all what you are saying is hypo but for the weight and that is hyper.You need to go back to the doctors and try to make then listen to how you feel .

I hope you get the help you need Jan x


Thank you jan. I didn't realise that my symptoms were from hypo and hyper groups x


Hi Cookie,

Back at the end of Sept I had a blood test, the TSH was 0.64 and TSH 23 so the practice nurse called me and told me to reduce my dose from 125mcg to 100mcg and in the following weeks I developed what I thought was cystitis and thrush. I have now had this problem for about 4 weeks and have been back to the doctors about 3 or 4 times and like you all my samples came back with no trace of infection, so on my last appointment I suggested they increase my dose back to 125mcg which they did and they also gave me more antiboitics and an antifungal. Its now been about 7 days and I do actually feel better, but I don't know if its down to the levothyroxine increase or the antibiotics.

I also get anxiety and palpitations when my dose needs increasing, I know they are supposed to be overactive symptoms, but my anxiety and palpitations have always gone away after a dose increase.

Thyroid UK do list cystitis as an underactive symptom, so you could print it off and take it back to your doctor, also you are only on 50mcg which isn't very much so I wouldn't have thought it would cause you to be overactive (but I am not doctor!). It is strange that you have been loosing weight though, could you put the weight loss down to anything else?

Hope you feel better soon x


Thanks you Hazel, that's interesting what you said about the cystitis and thrush and the possible connection to your medication. Yeah maybe there's another reason for the losing weight-I am walking more so that may be it and when the doc said I had thrush I cut out bread from my diet x


I have thyroid issues for about 10 years and have personally swung between times when I could not put on weight and times when like now I put on weight very very easily. Someone told me that my thyroid has become toxic and that it can swing into both especially if you have hashi (i.e high level of antibodies) maybe could check your thyroid antibodies if you have not already?. Funny you mention those things thrush and cystitis because I had them for about 6 or 7 months I think 5 years back. Thrush I remember in particular and I was not on any thyroxine at that time. I also lost my periods twice I think for about 18 months the first time and 2 years the second time. My body has been all over the place! At the moment knackered with a TSH of 73.5 and and I think T4 and T3 around 3 plus very high thyroid antibodies- just waiting to see what the next blood test will reveal really! Still at the time I had thrush and cystitis my levels were not as bad as now, and I sympathise with you since it is frustrating when the antibiotics don't work and you are stuck with it. Hopefully the thrush and cystitis will pass- my half sister also has hashi and hypothyroid and had a phase of getting cystitis so maybe there is a link. Good luck. V


Hi Thyroidie

Thank you for your reply. Gosh a TSH of 73.5 hope you feel a lot better soon. I had my blood test results the other day whcih came back tSH 1.75 and i feel pretty ok atm (which i know i am lucky for). The cystitis sometimes does come back or often it's more frequent urination than anything so i have cut caffeine out of my diet as much as possible. Although sometimes I just have to have a bar of chocolate!

I still get anxious but I think this is probably due to a lot of family issues which have arisen recently.

Thank you again for replying. It's interesting to hear more and more about a possible link to hypothyroidism and cystitis/thrush symptoms. I've never been tested for antibodies though, maybe I should ask. Take Care x


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