So confused TSH results? help

I had my TSH tested 2 weeks ago and TSH was 2.82 and 2 days ago tested again in lab and it is 1.77. Can it go down that fast in two weeks? I am only taking selenium no thyroid meds for my antibodies which are 109-TPO. My T3 and T4 are all within range right in the middle of the normal ranges. Should I not take the levo trial for one month? Maybe the selenium is working? Does the decreased TSH mean the antibodies have decreased?

So confUSED I don't want to take levo if it mess things up..

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  • Were the tests taken at different times of day, had you fasted and had you refrained from taking your meds for 24 hours?

  • I wasn't fasting either time. The first test was at 10 am . Then the second test was at 4pm. I didn't think that it would make that much difference. I only started taking the selenium supplements after the first test maybe that helped ...

  • All these variants can make a lot of difference! Best to compare results from an 'even playing field' otherwise it will be difficult to evaluate your requirements for meds.

    From my understanding; selenium assists in conversion from T4 to T3 so would not necessarily affect your TSH or antibody results.

  • I've read that selenium cut the antibodies in half in 3 months from

    One article. And also other similar articles in this matter . I haven't heard about it converting t4 to t3.Thanks for the info

  • Orangepie, time of testing and eating/drinking anything other than water will considerably affect the TSH results which is why members are advised to have early morning and fasting tests. Have a look at the graph below:

  • Very helpful chart !

  • So, if you'd had your TSH tested at 8.0 am, and fasted, it would probably have been a a bit higher than 2.82.

    TSH is more likely to have an effect on antibodies, rather than antibodies having an effect on TSH. That's why Hashi's people should maintain a suppressed TSH.

  • Thank you interesting theory about TSH and antibodies effect .

  • Umm... it's not really just a theory.

  • It could vary by that much over the space of a single day (up to around 75% and that change is only about 62%). Were the tests done at exactly the same time of day and after the same meals or fasting? TSH is higher in the morning.

  • That sounds about right! The ones I had in the morning where 2.82 and 2.84 and the one in the afternoon was 1.77. Thanks for that info

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