horrible visit to endo wish i never gone

hi everyone well i felt i had to tell someone about my day, i had a endo appointent today and im shaking like a leaf! to cut a long story short i saw this endo last december and took genova salvia tests to show i was suffering adrenal fatigue and he physically chucked it back across the table and would not even look at them(i understand to a point as there not standard nhs tests so took with pinch of salt)

he said at the time that i had to try sort identify my other problems out and he would be intrested in testing my adrenals if i was still having problems.

7 months later finally had a dsyfunctioning gallbladder out which has not helped with my exhaustion. Booked a another appointment for the endo as suggested which took a month and saw a really nice lady today working under the endo she totally understood what i was saying regarding my exhaustion issues my concerns and thought further testing probaly would be the way hormones adrenal test that was all i wanted really for someone to listen and realize im suffering.

SHE then had to refer to this endo and i my heart sank as i did not really want to deal with him if this lady could and he came into the room and basically said "so whats diffrent from your last appointment like i was was fit and well when i saw him last time . i explained i was suffering from some sort of exhaustion still and had been for over a year and was concerned about my health,and that iv never had any energy being on the t4 since it started last august i reminded him of why i had come back regarding the further tests he suggested I could not see a problem with this as is that not how we find things out with this horrid condition?.

he basically laughed and smiled( not kindly) and said yes i think you are suffering some kind of chronic exhaustion but you will not like the answer that there is nothing we could do to help you get better. my friends jaw dropped open at this point.He was so unkind i burst into tears i really tried not to but he simply quite cruel and did not want to help. my friend supported me at this point saying that how i was struggling looking after my children and said well how do you know there is not problems with hormones or exhaustion if you dont do the revelant tests to rule them out,

i had a feeling when i went today he was going to be unhelpful again but my goodness what a strange slightly evil man. in the the end he has agreed to do the adrenal nhs test after making me feel very small and pointless an said that hydrocortisone should not really be a option as i might be on it for life i told him i understood this but needed answers to try help get well and i would prefer not to be on the stuff if i knew what i was dealing with. I really hope i dont see him again im jut in disbelief at such a unkind unhelpful doctor my friend who is very level headed and dealt with many doctors and 20 years older than me said she had had never dealt with such a horrible strange man, aplogies for the rant but im feeling so very upset and rock bottom

I am seeing dr p on sunday im hoping he will be a bit nicer. i know from other peoples posts this is one of the most talked about subjects but my goodness i felt i had to share my awful morning with someone i know if this test comes back ok i will not be going back to that endo ever again, my partner is beginning to see what im dealing with and im losing hope someone will help me im praying dr p will give me some hope thanks for reading and i now know what a lot of people have had to go through and my heart goes out to you all


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  • Sara, I'm so sorry you had such an awful consultation. You have to wonder why some people decide to go into medicine. Everything I've heard of Dr.P has been very positive and I'm sure it will be a much more productive consultation.

    Please email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk with the details of the endo you saw so that he isn't recommended to other members.

  • thanks clutter i will do, i really dont know why this man got into medicine either isnt it the point of a doctor to try get you well again i got the feeling that the other staff went very quiet and maybe a bit scared of him, am hoping mr p will be more helpful and is the way to go many thanks for your reply iv been feeling awful about it having a nice cup of decaf tea i will not be beat


  • Was it not doctor's who carried out Hitler's wishes.

    Dr P is a darling.

    Thank goodness you had a friend with you as you would probably have been disbelieved by many who don't have thyroid problems. They will diagnose you with anything other than admit its a clinical symptom and that levothyroxine is not the best for quite a lot of people but the health service is extremely reluctant to prescribe an alternative if patient isn't well on levothyroxine. They have ignored lots of articles which have come to the conclusion that Dr Lowe confirms. This is a critique Dr Lowe wrote


    I hope you get better soon and I think a formal complaint is due. He probably gets many patients' backs up as that must be his manner of treating patients. He is in the wrong profession.

    His surname doesn't begin with a W?

  • yes it does begin with a w shaw! thanks for your post im alright now iv spoken to dr p secetary today she is really lovely i have no faith in this endo and really looking forward to dr p suggestions im determined to get better


  • How awful, I'd be tempted to make a formal complaint, what a b*****d!

  • thanks sulmaye lol ! my friends words exactley today and a few more rude ones

  • Been there done that. Nhs does not recognise adrenal fatigue.dont waste your energy on trying to educate the nhs, you will only wear yourself down. And dont bother with any synacthen test on the nhs, the results are always normal, because no ranges are given. I posted about it at length about ayear ago

  • thanks bluedaffodil for post

    i will look at your post i think i realize this also, but i feel i have to go down the nhs route for my jobs sake they are being very supportive as been on sick 7 months but if i dont go to these appointments and try to get sorted they are not as willing to support me to keep my job so even if its a waste of time and i have to get sorted another route i may be able to keep my job at the end of it, which would be better than losing it. It may well come to the point where i cant go back but it gives me time to try get myself in better health, but i totally agree if i did not have to cover myself for work and keep the pennies coming in for my little ones i would cancel it tommrow the man is rubbish


  • I had an abnormal synacthen test - so there must be ranges. Doesn't get you any meds, just more tests - MRI and insulin stress test, perhaps.

  • Sara, so sorry you had such an awful visit. I can imagine how you are feeling. Four times out of five ( never seen the same endo assistant / person twice!!!) I came out from the endo visit feeling very flat and all the ones I have seen have been very pleasant. Thank goodness you had a friend with you for support and someone who could answer him back.

    At least now you have a witness to how awful the guy is which shows you are not alone in thinking that he is a real louse.

    Perhaps the other staff went quiet because they couldn't believe someone actually stood up to him so well done you for doing that - even though it has left you feeling absolutely awful.

  • thanks fruitandnutcase, a louse is a good description indeed i had to tell my friend to explain to my partner what had happended and now he is finally understanding the battle iv been having a huge relief having the support behind me, she really has kept me going through this year without a doubt i realise like many that i dont think this endo is going to be any help as simply he does not want to help and im doing the right thing is seeing dr p im determined to get myself well again many thanks everyone for all your posts its brightened up my rather bleak day


  • Buy yourself a bag of jelly babies now, take them out one by one and name them after him - then bite their heads off! Very satisfying believe me. I've done it myself and recommended it in the past to people with problem bosses, troublesome ex- husbands etc and I have it on good authority it never fails. Glad you're feeling a bit more cheerful, that sort of thing just leaves you feeling awful when you aren't feeling great in the first place. The guy is just a creep but its a shame you had to meet up with him :-)

  • Fruitandnutcase

    You made me laught and it is a great idea.

  • Love it!

    I will buy a bag & keep them in the cupboard as insurance! x

  • thanks fruitandnut case you have made me laugh i was thinking i might kidnapp him not sure how, cover him in beef bisto and chuck him in with the tigers at the local zoo the things you think. cheered me up anyway.i will get some jelly babies sounds brill idea thanks for your support

  • Dr P is lovely - don't worry about that point. xx

  • never see him again. Make a complaint, word it very carefully, objectively, get it checked. Say how he made you feel. Hopefully other patients will do the same and he will be removed. Never ever go to see GP or endo without notebook and pen. Let them see you write in it. I am a journalist and would have had a field day with this bloke xx

  • thanks tilly83 you probaly would i would not suprise me if people have and i think i will make a complaint when im bit brighter thanks

  • I wonder if some of these doctors manage to sleep well at night. Do you think they realise the awful impact that their words and lack of understanding can actually have on patients? If a doctor really thinks that they cannot help, for whatever reason, at least a bit of compassion and explanation would help. I do not like the holier-than-thou stance some of them take.

    I always take my husband with me for my appointments now. I do not necessarily need his input, but just having him there is a great support, and he can throw in his comments if needed.

    You have all my sympathy, and good luck with Dr. P.

  • He sleeps well because he KNOWS you are a hysterical hypochondriac with a somatoform disorder, and it is his DUTY to make sure you know it and snap out of your silliness. A-hole!

  • That's what is so scary, they probably really do believe that :(

  • lol angel-of-the-north your of course right i just need a good slap and that will sort my sillness out thanks very much for all your replies meant so much with my ongoing battle i feel much better hugs to all


  • Dr P is such a good man - and yes I have seen him too. His after-care is excellent and his team are also very knowledgeable. If you are unable to speak with him after your appointment his team can do wonders. He teaches you to monitor and listen to your own body with the diaries and eventually you have enough confidence to go it alone having received his wisdom and advice. It's a very positive way of treating people - to take care of themselves and also take responsibility....

    Do hope he is training someone up to follow in his footsteps - as he is not a young man - only in heart and spirit :-)

  • thanks marz iv spoken to his secretary she has been great i think i realize that this is the path i need to go it feels right if you get what i mean . I hope he will pass his wisdom to help others since their is so many struggling again thanks for all your replies simply fantastic i feel strong again

  • i agree beansmummy how do they sleep thats why i took my friend i have asked my partner to come if i have to deal with him im going to take my phone recorder in next time just in case wish i had done yesterday as i think i would of had a field day with that thanks

  • Glad you're feeling a bit more upbeat about it today. That sort of thing is so horrible and very upsetting and just what you don't need when you are at your most fragile.

    Years ago I went to Buddhist meditation classes. At one point we had to think of people we knew well, we knew vaguely from a distance but weren't friends with and someone we actually didn't like - we had to kind of send good vibes to them even though we didn't know / like them. Somehow I think imagining the one you didn't like covered in beef bisto and throwing him to the tigers or naming a jelly baby after him and biting its head off is a lot more satisfying.

    A phone recorder is a very good idea too. You shouldn't have to do that but just knowing you are doing it will make you feel more confident. I don't understand why people stay in medicine if their patients annoy them so much. When you find you are bullying your patients I would say it is time to move on.

    Bet you find he bullies his staff too. A couple of years ago I slipped on a beach and sat on my wrist as I landed. I was carted off in an ambulance because I couldn't stand up, apparently I had my eyes wide open but was snoring and I could hear the people who came to help saying to put me in the recovery position, I was aware of a passing dog sniffing at me and that people kept disturbing my lovely dream by trying to talk to me, anyway after being x rayed the young doctor was studying the x ray when along comes this guy who was presumably the A&E consultant. He walked in and said to the young chap ' You, why are you peering? You shouldn't be peering at an x ray' To me he said 'nothing wrong with you, you can go.' I had to beg for a splint and was driven home flat out with the seat fully reclined because I felt so sick I couldn't sit up.

    Months later sitting in my doctors surgery I read something about a broken wrist on the screen, I thought she must have had the wrong notes up on screen then looked at the date! Seems the nasty consultant ought to have been doing a bit of peering himself rather than bullying the kind young doctor.

  • oh my goodness fruitandnutcase what a stupid man im sorry you had to go through that ,unbelievable it makes you wonder when your putting yourself in people care! bit far fetched with the bisto but i was rather angry yesterday bought a pack of jelly babies very satisfying and worked a treat so thanks ,i do believe you should not hold grudges they dont work and affect your spirit and health so i wont dwell on it as got enough on like you say , i look at my young children they make me laugh so much its priceless so theirmy tonic at the moment thanks for the posts i will soldier on


  • That's the way to go :-) There's nothing like young kids for keeping you going is there. Enjoy them while they are little, my kids are in their late thirties with no kids of their own and I can still remember walking home from school holding their little hands and chatting to them or stopping off in a cafe or the park. I used to teach and it always made me sad when I would see parents who didn't appreciate simple things like that.

  • thats lovely nice memories time moves so fast with them. we are quite down to earth with them, iv got my daughter into loom banding at the minute which is the latest craze has been great as i can actually do it as am crafty at heart and we have film nights so i try do things i can manage thanks for the giggles has been great to chat


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