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First meeting with Endo today..what do you think?

My first meeting with an Endo was today. A small man whose English wasn't too bad but required very careful listening. He said that my symptoms were suggestive of hyoid despite the TSH of 2.6... And he actually said I could be hypo despite that figure which is a better response than I've read of some people having!!!

He didn't seem to want me to talk and his manner was not the best but he said he wasn't going to just test for thyroid but all the hormonal conditions that that could cause the symptoms and has ordered bloods to be done as near 9 am as possible for

Can't read first word Gestiadol/ bestiadol ? Testosterone. TPO antibodies, FT3, FT4,TSH, IgF, GH , SHBG, LH, FSH, DHEAS ( might be DHLAS) and cortisol.

Then I have to do two 24 hr urine tests, a couple of days apart for cortisol. renal and lipids too.

He says it will take a month to get all the results back so I have another appt in 6 weeks time.

He seemed determined to get to the bottom of my symptoms so I guess has what is most these tests sound about right?

Look fwd to hearing your opinions


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Here's some links that give some information about each of the blood test you mentioned:

You can also look up the urine tests on that site.

Sounds like you got a better hearing than many do.

Do post back as and when you have something to add or ask.

All the best



That's whatbi have been so deeply grateful for , that my Gp went on symptoms not the thyroid results and this guy too, believed me and that is so good, I di tell him how there are many women struggling to get referrals and suffering far worse than I am. Thank you for the links and thanks to all of you that run this brilliant site


Good to hear that you've been listened to and taken seriously. That's quite a comprehensive list of tests - fingers crossed something shows up!


What impressed me was that he saw my old TSH of 2.6 and said whilst it was normal it also didnt mean I didn't have hypothyroid ....I tried to say I'd read about antibodies Ft3 Ft4but he didn't want to engage.

But he said he was going to do " lots of tests" because whistvthe symptoms were indicative of hypo they were so broad they could be indicative of a number of conditions and he wanted a rigourous look at my hormone whilst he might score null points for "bedside manner" he seemed thorough in his approach, and very specific about having the bloods at 9 am because of the cortisol.

So let's see where we go from here . I feel for all the people who post here who haven't even beeb

N offer as much as truly is a postcode lottery.

My partner has Hep C. Osteoporosis and has lost all his upper teeth and shrunk 4 INS in height he has only 75 percent spine left. In addition to this he has a badly damaged leg with a full prosthetic knee...and w

Winchester has been amazing for our GP and is a very beautiful and well resources City but sadly very expensive else I'd recommend people to move here!!!!


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