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Cortisol results in & appointment with endo

Good morning all,

I got my results yesterday from the new cortisol and DHEA test

DHEA 34.76 (106.0-300.0)

Cortisol morning 4.63 (5.1-40.2, optimal 18-35)

Cortisol noon 1.69 (2.1-15.7, optimal 6-12)

Cortisol evening 1.12 (1.5-8, optimal 2-5)

Cortisol night 0.73 (0.33-7, optimal 1-4)

These seem very low and I wonder if I'd feel better if they improved. Could this be the cause of my thyroid struggling?

Saw an NHS endo yesterday, said it was most likely I'm feeling bad due to fibromyalgia and TSH was only slightly up @4.35 (0.27-4.2) but he wanted another blood test there and then, after lunch, and if it was still above range he would give me a trial of levo, 25mcg for 3 months. Seemed to me that he was setting me up to fail as I can't see a dose that small would help. Also said he might change his mind if the result came back lower, which it will do given it was done at 3pm.

Gave me no chance to ask any questions but thought he might order a scan which can't hurt, can it? Also said he'd suggest a referral to a rheumatologist.

Any advice you can give me would be great, I'm wondering if I should try to get an appointment with Dr P.

Hope this wasn't too rambling, just feeling tired and confused and not sure where to go from here....

Thank you in advance


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Your thyroid could struggle due to adrenal insufficiency and vice verses. You have too low levels of cortisol and need to address that. Some say that fibromyalgia is a symptom of adrenal insufficiency. Here is more info on the topic: stopthethyroidmadness.com/a...


Thank you, I've read through but not really absorbed much, will have to keep re-reading until it sinks in, my brain feels completely scrambled today. A normal day at work and I'm completely exhausted :(

I really appreciate you taking the time to help me, I'm not ready to give in just yet, just need to find some energy from somewhere...

Thank you again



Understand it is a lot to process. You can find a lot of info on the website and I found the book very helpful also if one is struggling with both thyroid and adrenals. You should anyway address your adrenals first or at the same time as you start treating you thyroid to avoid further load on your system. Good luck 😀!

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Hi squir1462.

I had the same test done with similar results , and felt dreadful, in fact I still do ! I now take Adrenal Cortex, but it's not a quick fix, in fact Dr.P says as much in his literature .

What I would say is that it may be easier if you're not on thyroid medication. If you had been on thyroid meds then you would have to reduce them when treating the adrenals.

I had to reduce my meds and I have night time palpitations, which is very debilitating. The palpitations are the thyroid meds sloshing around in the system as the adrenals can't convert them .( This is mentioned in Dr P's book, only a lot more technically than I have done). Also because my adrenals were stressed my thyroid is now hypo !!! - so I have the symptoms of both !

Do take care of yourself and avoid stress as much as you can ! Not easy, but the already stressed adrenals don't like any added stress !


Thank you so much for your reply, I've been feeling very alone (and ill) for a while now. I'm not on any thyroid meds at the moment and have bought Dr P's book which I hope to start reading tonight. I think it will be hard going as I can't seem to retain any information.

I think the best way forward will be to get some adrenal cortex and try to sort that side of things things out first. Very much doubt I'll get a prescription for levo from the NHS anyway...

Difficult to avoid stress in my job unfortunately, work in payroll.

I so appreciate you taking the time to comment on my post, and am starting to think that although the tunnel will be very long, there might just be a light at the end of it



Your very welcome. I know what you mean about feeling alone, I do too. Because the illness doesn't show physically, it's difficult to tell anyone, as not only do they not understand, but I'm sure they think you're exaggerating or even being neurotic or even attention seeking!

There are so many Adenal cortex's. If you are going to see Dr P, he recommends Adrenavive 11, which is good but it's best to wait for his guidance before starting it.

Dr P 's book is good and very helpful. You could look at The Adrenal and Thyroid connection from page 113 onwards! That section really helped me!


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