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helvella - Thyroid Hormone Medicines

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Just updated my medicines document.

Also, created a QR code for this post. If you point your smart phone (or tablet) camera at the QR code, it should find the file and offer to download it.

helvella - Thyroid Hormone Medicines

I have created, and try to maintain, a document containing details of all thyroid hormone medicines in the UK and, in less detail, many others around the world. It is sectioned by UK - rest of the world, and by T4, T3, desiccated thyroid, etc.

And do keep up to date. I edit it frequently - sometimes trivially, sometimes extensively. If your copy is more than a few weeks old, please download it again. (You must download - not just view in a browser - for the Table of Contents to work.)

From Dropbox:


From Google Drive:


Updated 2023/01.30

I have a blog page which links to my medicines document. It offers at least two different ways of accessing it. And adds a QR code to make it easier for phones.

Please go to my medicines document via this link in future:

helvella - Thyroid Hormone Medicines


7 Replies
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Thank you helvella. Once my brain fog completely clears I'm hoping I can get to grips with all of your hard work in compiling this.

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Thank you

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QR code works a treat 👍

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Milly1357

Really pleased to hear that. Thanks. :-)

I have done them before, but this time used a wholly new (to me) way of making them.

(The Shortcuts app within Apple macOS Ventura, in case anyone cares to know. I used to use an app on Windows.)

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Thank you helvella. I love this document. I've found it so useful with all its links and medication ingredients.

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Screenshot of my UK Levothyroxine matrix which provides an overview of UK approved products.

UK Levothyroxine matrix

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