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Help with test results please

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Hi All,

My latest results Jun 7 2022 (on 112.5mg NDT for about 3 months. supplementing iron for about 1 month):

TSH < 0.01 (ref. 0.27 - 4.20)

FT4: 12.6 (ref. 11.1 - 22.0)

FT3: 6.05 (ref. 3.9 - 6.7)

Prolactin: 32.9 (3 - 20)

CRP: 3.1 (0 - 7.0)

Iron: 12.0 (10 - 29)

Iron Binding Capacity 54 (45 - 72)

Iron Saturation: 24 (14 - 51)

Ferritin: 89 ( 20 - 120

April 29 2022 (on 112.5 mg NDT for about 1.5 months - had covid April 7 2022.)

TSH < 0.01 (ref. 0.27 - 4.20)

FT4: 12.1 (ref. 11.1 - 22.0)

FT3: 6.30 (ref. 3.9 - 6.7)

Iron: 10.0 (10 - 29)

SHBG: 135 (18 - 114)

Iron Binding Capacity 68 (45 - 72)

Iron Saturation: 15 (14 - 51)

Ferritin: 56 ( 20 - 120)

I am totally fatigued all day every day. Eyes are dry, gritty and itchy with vision changes. Can't get rid of sinus and chest congestion. Depression, depersonalization, nausea, off-balance. In short, I feel miserably ill.

I think my thyroid is a bit low so have just recently increased to 120mg. I'm so tired of it all and really don't know what to do or where to turn anymore. I've been on 120 before and it's resulted in over-range FT3 but I'm just at a loss as to what else to try. Can anyone comment please?

Edited to add over reference morning cortisol (can't find results just now) and 4-point Dutch cortisol test shows the following:

Cortisol A waking 24.0 (10 - 50)

Cortisol B morning: 146.2 (30 - 130)

Cortisol C afternoon: 17.0 (7 - 30)

Cortisol D Night: 15.9 (0 - 14)

Cortisone A Waking 49.5 (40 - 120)

Cortisone B Morning: 121 (90 - 230)

Cortisone C Afternoon 45.9 (32 -110)

Cortisone D night: 58.7 (0 - 55)

DHEA-S 45.4 (20 - 750)


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Hi Eve, my thyroid results are similar to yours on NDT. I have also had adrenal insufficiency for which I have had cortisone prescribed. My understanding that taking more thyroid meds without treating the adrenals puts the thyroid onto ever more pressure. My adrenal profile has also been extensively investigated and this involves also looking at other adrenal hormones aside from Cortisone. It is also worth looking further at your cortisone rhythm- looks like your cortisone is elevated at night, which will impact on your sleep which in turn leads to the vicious cycle of fatigue during the day etc. I would have my cortisone results looked at by a good Endo to provide advice. Hope that helps. Best of luck with your journey- I know the challenges all too well

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Evej13 in reply to Sangrom


Thank you for your response. My cortisol rhythm has remained the same for about two years. The high evening/morning doesn't disrupt my sleep at all. I sleep very well for about 6 to 6.5 hours. I've had an endo look at the cortisol results (morning blood only - she won't look at saliva or Dutch tests), which is over range in the morning. She isn't concerned. She just thinks I'm 'stressed'! I have seen a naturopath who will prescribe cortef, but when I tried it, it seemed to make things worse.

Do you know what to do with a cortisol pattern that is high in the morning, low-normal in the afternoon and evening and high at bedtime? It coincides with anxiety levels in the morning, and far worse fatigue in the afternoon and early evening.

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Sangrom in reply to Evej13

Yes that is quite tricky.. I have the opposite- low in the morning and high at night. I have researched a lot and it starts with looking after the gut, healthy diet, meditation and stress management and general lifestyle. I will never be perfect- but now I can go on without any cortisone which is great. Best of luck x

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Evej13 in reply to Sangrom

Cortisone meaning you took cortef?

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