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My endo has written to GP recommending she issues prescription for T3 which, quite miraculously, she has done. I left the prescription in with the pharmacist yesterday as he said he would need to order it in. The script just said liothyronine 10mcg tablets and did not mention a brand. I am currently taking Tiromel which is working well for me. I know that whatever he dispenses it won't be Tiromel. Can anyone who gets T3 on the NHS advise me what brands of T3 are available on the NHS and what works well for them?

I suffer from allergies to a lot of things [I recently had a bad allergic reaction to ibuprofen containing acacia powder] so are there any brands to avoid if you have allergies? It would be good to be in possession of this information going forward so that I can ask GP to prescribe a specific brand on the script if that is possible and so I am not forced to accept something from the pharmacist which I might react badly to. Thanks in anticipation of help.

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The only U.K. brand liothyronine at 10mcg tablets is Morningside healthcare

This does indeed contain acacia powder

Can you get prescription changed to 20mcg tablets and cut in half

20mcg Teva T3 doesn’t contain acacia

Also significantly cheaper for NHS to be prescribed 20mcg tablets £101 per 28 tablets

10mcg T3 is £148 per 28 tablets

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Redlester in reply to SlowDragon

Thanks SlowDragon. The link was very helpful.

Can the pharmacist supply the 20mcg Teva if GP has put 10mcg liothyronine on the form - does he not have to dispense 10mcg or is there a bit of flexibility? I have noticed that there reports on healthunlocked of people saying they do not doing well on Teva.

The PIL states that this brand you refer to can be supplied in 5mcg 10mcg and 20mcg - what if I ask for 20mcg (with intention of splitting them) but am given this same brand (Morningside) but just at higher dose?

The pharmacist has already put an order in to fill my script - what happens if I go to pick it up and he has filled it with the brand you describe and I cannot take it because of the acacia? There is no point whatsoever in my GP prescribing and getting a high bill for a medication I need if what the pharmacist dispenses to me means I cannot risk taking it.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Redlester

Suggest you talk to pharmacist

You probably need new 20mcg prescription

Teva issues are with levothyroxine…..not with T3

Prescription can specify Teva brand only (no acacia)

So if pharmacist won't switch what he is dispensing to 20mcg Teva [unlikely] then I will have to ask GP to write new script for 20mcg Teva and make sure she knows to specify Teva brand only.

As I imagine I am first patient she has ever written a T3 script for I imagine this is going to be uphill territory!

I am interested in your query because the same has happened to me. My GP quite readily changed my script for 20 mcg Teva liothyronine. However, after only one week on them I am having hypo symptoms return. Do you find them as effective as any other T3 brand that you have taken?

I lasted less than a week on the Teva brand 20mcg - and only managed that because in order to meet my dose of T3 I was taking 20mcg in Teva T3 and making up the rest of the dose with Tiromel T3. If I hadn't been taking the Tiromel alongside it I dread to think what would have happened. The Teva T3 effectively left my hypo - I had awful hypo symptoms which started the first day I began to take it. By the end of that week I had to abandon it and was lucky I could go back to taking my whole dose in Tiromel. As soon as I did that all the problems went away so it leads me to conclude it could only have been the Teva. I did a forum search and found other people saying the same thing - that they found Teva T3 to be ineffective. I now do not know where that leaves me in terms of NHS T3 brands.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Redlester

Information about all UK thyroid hormone medicines is in my document.

That includes two new product ranges which we can hope for in the last quarter of 2021.

They are hard capsules in 5, 10 and 20 microgram dosages. They will be branded Roma and Colonis - though I am sure that the actual product is the same.

helvella - Thyroid Hormone Medicines

I have created, and try to maintain, a document containing details of all thyroid hormone medicines in the UK and, in less detail, many others around the world.

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