Recommended T3 Brands on NHS Prescription?


After many years it looks like I'm nearly there in getting an NHS endo to agree to prescribe me T4 & T3 going forward.

At the moment I'm on 100mcg T4 and 20mcg T3.

First time I picked up my T3 prescription it was in 5mcg tablets and the name on the bottle was 'Perrigo'. The second & most recent time I picked up my prescription it was in 20mcg tablets and said 'Mercury Pharma' on it (which I'm familiar with from T4 in the past).

I appreciate that everyone suits different brands / fillers etc; but any advice on better quality preparations of T3 available on NHS prescription would be gratefully received so I know what to look out for! Thank you.

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I've always had 20 mg tabs but the Nhs plan on stopping t3

They haven't planned this. 'NHS England' have put this idea out for a public consultation. This isn't etched in stone. Some hospital trusts have issued guidelines but it is up tp endos and GPs to decide via clinical need.

Hi, Yes - my Endo has written to my GP recommending her to keep me on the combo treatment (T3 & T4) despite the expense. She argued that it saves costs long term as the hope is that I'll become more self-sufficient (i.e. cured) and therefore cost primary care less long-term.

However, I think my issue will be getting the Endo to ever agree to give me more than the 20mcg of T3...she's already said she'll go by TSH & if I'm in range with my next bloods then my prescription will be set in stone as such, unless my TSH goes above 5 again in the future...(at the mo it's 1.87 if I remember correctly). Personally I'd like to build up my T3 in time (further reducing my T4) and see how I go...


Please complete the NHS England consultation below re banning Liothyronine (T3) and sign the petition below requesting better testing and treatment for hypothyroid patients.

I already did that. I also read the original document of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust which includes recommending prescription based on clinical need at the bottom of the document it says endos should advice patients to go private.

I was prescribed T3 in April 2016 at the hospital who was treating me following cardiac arrest but when I asked my GP for some more he refused


I was asking Kimbo65. Have you asked your cardiologist to intercede with your GP or CCG?

I got my first cardiology appointment through last week but was too ill to attend. I don't have any questions for them as all my questions were answered on Facebook while I waited 16 months after my cardiac arrest for the appointment.

Thanks kimbo65


As you are prescribed 20mcg you will be dispensed 20mcg Mercury Pharma. There is no alternative 20mcg Liothyronine in the UK. Perrigo is imported from USA and is probably more expensive. If you don't like Mercury Pharma you can use your NHS prescription to buy German Thybon 20mcg for €30.15.

Please complete the NHS England consultation below re banning Liothyronine (T3) and sign the petition below requesting better testing and treatment for hypothyroid patients.

Clutter, can we 'officially' use our NHS prescription to buy T3 or T4 if NHS won't?


If you have a NHS prescription for 20mcg Liothyronine you can use it to buy Thybon 20mcg from Germany or the Austrian 20mcg if you don't like Mercury Pharma.

Clutter what about if you have problems with all UK T4?


You can use your NHS prescription as proof you require the dose of Levothyroxine prescribed and buy from Europe if they produce a brand you prefer.

Thanks Clutter .


Does this prescription have to be a private one from my doctor, or would my prescription that I receive for T3 from my doctor be fine to purchase from Thybon. I am having lots of issues with my T3, Teva, it changed from Mercury Pharma and does not agree with me. When I asked at my pharmacy to be put back on Mercy Pharma I was told that Teva is the only brand available on the NHS now. Speaking to my doctor I have been told that there is no other option and I just have to live with issues.


Your pharmacist is misinformed. It may be that the distributor is only able to supply Teva but Mercury Pharma is still available as is Morningside Healthcare. If your pharmacist wants to stock Mercury Pharma s/he can contact If not, I suggest you try alternative pharmacies.

You can use your NHS prescription to obtain Thybon 20mcg but you will have to pay for it.

Thank you for your help and quick reply.

Thanks Clutter - this is really helpful. I just thought it strange that I was given my first prescription in 5mcg Perrigo tablets even though it said 20mcg. Then the second prescription was Mercury Pharma in 20mcg tablets. Perhaps I give the Mercury Pharma a go for a while and if I don't think I'm improving I try the German Thybon..from a brief read this seems to work for many people across the forum.

If I decide to go for the German Thybon how do I go about ordering it? And the 30.15 covers how long please if you are taking 20mcg a day?

Will look at these two links & action now, thanks again


I would say that very few people on this forum have even tried Thybon 20mcg as most who are prescribed will be using Mercury Pharma.

100 x 20mcg tablets costs €30.15

Thanks Clutter; a few years ago I saw a private Dr in Winchester. We discussed T3 and he recommended either Cytomel or Cynomel (can't remember which it was) which I could source from my mexican drugstore I think it was...Are these still around or Thybon really the 'better' overseas alternative these days? As it happens I didn't proceed with the T3 back then, but am fully geared up to give it my best shot now! Only so many years of sluggish thyroid madness you can endure...

I use the T3 from MMD, it is the Spanish version Triyotex, I have done really well on it😊

Thank you & that's good to hear :-)

You can have Cytomel on an NHS prescription! It is officially not licenced for use here but is used the world over and as long as you accept that Cytomel is not licenced you can have Cytomel on NHS prescription. I have managed to get a small local chemist to use one of the specialist import companies from the TUK website to bring in Cytomel via Canada at about a quarter of the price of British T3 and its quality and efficacy is brilliant and much better that British T3. It comes in 25mcg tablets so you may have to adjust your dose slightly.


Thank you - this is really helpful

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