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Strength of T3

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I’m taking Tiromel which I’ve took 4 years now

I’m due to go on NHS T3 , my endo knows I’m taking Tiromel he also knows I take 10 x25 mcg of Tiromel per day .

He wants me to start NHS T3 he has dropped my dose down to 2 T3 only .

I did reduce my Tiromel over the weekend and felt very ill.

I know a lot will be horrified by my dose but I need the higher dose

I’m under investigation for Pituitary

What I want to know is , will the NHS T3 be more potent than Tiromel

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It depends on the brand although, I think all of them are 20mcg tablets. There is TEVA, Morning time and Mercury Pharma available on the NHS.

TT x

I’ve got the mercury pharma brand . Tho I asked for a different brand to see if that would make a difference .

I feel rubbish on a lower dose I’ve cut my dose down again from 21 to 10....

From 10 to 2 !!!!!!!!!!

How on earth can I do this ?

How are you coping on 2 tablets per day?

How are you doing?

Not sure I have read that right but youve gone from 250mcg t3 daily down to 40mcg? wowzers thats a drop, was it done gradually? If you can tolerate 250mcg then 40mcg is probably pointless.

I can tolerate 150mcg but it is no better than 100mcg so I keep to the lower dose. I still get fatigue in phases and leg, ankle, calves, foot & hip pain to varying degrees so not symptom free.

I was taking cynomel for 10 months and it is deff stronger than the nhs t3 which they put in a brown bottle, so i have no idea what brand, they are always old stock with use by date within days of end of prescription, I have asked to see original container but they refuse. My nhs endo will only prescribe 75mcg daily BUT because of the daft dilution thing i get 504x20mcg tablets which is way more so i have the extra to increase if i want.

If your endo wont continue your original dose of 250mcg then you will either have to trust him and give 40mcg a fair chance (it wouldnt touch the sides with me) or continue to self source.

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