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Suggestions For A Good Brand Of Vitamin K2

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Dear All,

Hope you are all well. Can someone suggest a good brand of vitamin k2 Mk7?

I've been searching here but around 500 pages come up when I type k2 in the search criteria.

Have been looking at Amazon reviews but not sure how genuine they can be. Then there are fillers, soy oil etc.

I'm a hashi sufferer and am looking for the k2 supplement for my family.

Can teens take k2 with d3?

Thanks and regards

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If you want a softgel, just 2 ingredients - K2-mk7 and Extra virgin olive oil:

Or (check postage)

If you want a liquid - 3 drops = 100mcg

I have used both, very happy with both of them. The drops are organic, no nasties, olive oil, work out cheaper. I will continue with the drops.

Thank you SeasideSusie for your prompt reply. I will have a look at them. Good Night.

I like Jarrow's MK-7. Non-GMO, no wheat, no gluten, no dairy.

BetterYou have a K2 mouth spray.

I’ve not used this particular one myself but I do use their D+K2 mouth spray, magnesium oil and magnesium bath soak. I’ve found them to be a decent brand generally, the spray I use has a pleasant flavour and they tend to be gluten and dairy free too. Also have he benefit of being stocked by my local Holland & Barrett (who I would usually avoid with a barge pole but who are useful for this) so I don’t have to order online 😊

When taking Selenium it is good to take a break from time to time ( as told to me by my GP here in Crete )

I find Dr. Mercola products reliable, he seems to be very thoughtful about ingredients and manufacture. He makes a K2 and I think also has a product combined with D3. Not the cheapest but if you’re ingesting it, try to make it the best you can. I always prefer capsules over tablets.

Does anyone here avoid soy because of their thyroid disease? I like to as I just don't think its a healthy thing. They do a non natto k2 by sports research you can get it cheaply from iherb. But get 1 bottle at a time otherwise you get customs on it.

Hi Keenbean

Lamberts (online) Have vit k + d3, £16.95 for 60, and k2, £10.95 for 60. If you contact them about teens taking a combined supplement i’m sure they can advise.

I changed to this brand following an appointment with a private thyroid specialist in September, he said they’re the best, and feel much better on them. I also take a high dose vit c which I never have before.

Best wishes

Thank you all for prompt replies. Also please clarify one thing...are we meant to have Vitamin D3 and K2 at different times?....Or is it okay to have them together?

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Keenbean

As both D3 and K2 are fat soluble, they need to be taken with some form of fat to be absorbed and they will compete for the fat. However, I use a D3 softgel containing extra virgin olive oil (Doctors Best, just the 2 ingredients) and the two K2-MK7 supplements I linked to both contain olive oil so the supplements I take have enough oil for both D3 and K2 to be taken at the same time with no problem with absorption. I do, however, still take them with some form of dietary fat, usually a full fat yogurt.

If you take tablets or capsules that don't contain any oil then you would need to take them at different times with some dietary fat.

Thank you SeasideSusie are you not dairy free. I am off gluten and trying to wean off dairy too, but really miss my yogurt. :(

This is a clean product, no soy etc.. I’ve been using it for months, it’s not cheap but it is a good product

Pharma Nord K-Pearls Bio-Vitamin K2 - 60 Capsules - MK-7 Menaquinone 75mcg

I like epigenetics-international.c... - fit through any letter box. They do a liquid/oil one also

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