Vitamin D and Vitamin K2


How much Vitamin K2 should we take with Vitamin D ?

Do you take the same dose of Vit K2 no matter what the dose of Vit D is taken or the more Vit D is taken should the Vit K2 be increased also.

Thank you.

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I take Allergy Research group who incorporate: Vit D3 x 50ug with Vit K2 x 100ug (and Vit E x 5 mg & Vit A x 900 ug).

I don't take through the summer//autumn months.

Many thanks again,

I will look into it.

Thorne drops have 1000iu D3 and 250mcg of K2

You could use the Thorne drops which are very good and top up straight vit D, eg:

Thank you, I have just had a look at them on Amazon, they are a really good price.

I will order some thank you.

Thank you,

I need to take a higher dose of Vit D

I do actually have Thorne drops but I need to take 3000iu Vit D3 so if I took that I would then get 750mcg K2 and I think this would be too much.

I use Now 1,000 IU of D-3 and 45mcg (micrograms) of K-2 combined, every other day along with with Vitamin B12, also every other day.

Thank you,

I have seen the Now product, I will take another look.

Browny, you may find some helpful info here -

I buy the LIFE EXTENSION (LEF) brand's "Super K with Advanced K2 Complex softgels".

Many thanks,

I will have a good read of the links you kindly provided this evening.

I am going to buy the Life Extension you recommend.

Thank you again browny.

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