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Vitamin D3 & K2 recommendations

I need to add vitamin K2 to my ever expanding supplement regime & wondered if anyone can recommend the most cost effective way to take vit d & K2? Is there a combo? I have just finished a bottle of Swanson D3 soft gels which I think were great but I feel like I take so many supplements already that I would like to try & combine the D3 with the K2 if this is possible?

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Vikkiod I know of some combos, what dose of D3 are you taking?


Thanks for taking the time to reply. Just finished 5000iu per day. X


Well, it depends on how much D3 you are going to be taking now as to how much of each of these you'll need.

This one contains 2000iu D3 plus K2 and Vit A

You'd need to work out how many drops of these


Thanks so much for this. I've chosen the Nutri one as it's a brand I recognise. It's on it's way. X


I ear kefir for K2 every day, & brie a few times a week.


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