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Extreme tiredness, Thyroid testing with Medichecks?

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I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and was thinking it was pretty much under control now due to the medication.

Mid August my tiredness started to creep back in and was becoming rather extreme and stopped me doing my normal routine / having to cancel arrangements etc.

My Rheumatologist team ran full blood screening and only out of range was Vit D at 53 ( range 75-200). Out of interest my B12 was 363 range (200-900). My TSH was 1.2 range (.35 -5) bloods were taken around 11:30 am , not fasting!

I started over counter Vit D3 ( 25ug) from mid Dec as GP can’t prescribe loading dose unless under 50. She stated that it would show mainly as sore joints ( I get that anyway with RA) and not really extreme tiredness!

She ran hormone testing as my periods are certainly a bit random now for nearly a year ( i’m 49). Bloods taken on day 10 of cycle ( follicular phase?) are readings:

LH 4.8 ( range 1.9 -12.5)

FSH 5.9 ( range 2.5 - 10.2)

Oestradiol 1,035 pmol/L ( range 71.6 -529.2)

I am considering using the Medichecks tests for Thyroid with vitamins and the Hormone one as they say it should be taken on day 3 of the monthly cycle ( why don’t GP’s tell us this)! Also, I can have all the Thyroid readings done by fasting and first thing in morning.

My other symptoms are:

- muscular all over pains ( different to RA pains) on waking

- never feel refreshed after sleep

-frequent waking in night

-tightness in lower back ( not always )in mornings

-chest congestion ( wakes me as I have to clear my throat) that builds over night

- extreme tiredness.... cannot get through the day

- brain fog

- stomach playing up like constipated ( not regular daily movements but always used to be)

- slight vaginal irritation ( mainly aware when wiping ( sorry) but not all time so not a infection

I exercise regularly, walk the dog and eat so healthily, all homemade!

My questions are:

1) does anybody recognise the symptoms ?

2) would you recommend the two private blood tests?

3) has anybody had an issue with getting their GP to accept the private blood results?

4) as I have an autoimmune disease will this effect the blood readings?

Any guidance pls!!!!

Thank you.

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These are the clinical symptoms and you certainly tick off a few.


As you have R.A I don't think this would affect test results for hypo/hashi's. To check whether you have hashimoto's you need thyroid antibodies to be checked. It is the commonest form of hypothyroidism. The antibodies attack the gland and wax and wane until you're hypothyroid but one of our top Endos advises that if antibodies are present we should be prescribed levothyroxine (In other countries we'd be diagnosed if TSH is above 3 but in the UK they make you wait until it is 10 and we could be quite unwell by then.

I think you know that the earliest blood draw is best, fasting (you can drink water). If you were taking thyroid hormones then you'd allow a gap of 24 hours between dose of levo and test and take afterwards.

I will add in SeasideSusie to comment on your vitamins/minerals.

So awful that experieced Docs only request a TSH test - hence so many are not diagnosed. Hopefully your private tests through TUK will reveal more.

I have auto-immune issues and have been reading and learning for years. It seems auto-immune conditions start with the gut so a healthy one is key. Am sure your healthy eating helps - but could there be sensitivities ?

VitD is good at 100+ and B12 needs to be around 500+ to prevent cognitive decline. VitD is often low with auto-immunity. You also need Folate and Ferritin tested.

When you have your test results start a new post so more people see them and can help. 😊 The private tests are used by thousands on this forum. Not sure about your RA meds affecting results.

Hope you soon find answers. 😊

I had medichecks full blood test including vitamins done in October and becauseI was taking levo 50mg my test came back stating that I didn't have under active thyroid at all. 🤔 I do have it and I am really unwell so don't know if they get it right at all

I have Psoriatic Arthritis with a flare after thyroidectomy 2 yrs ago and still going strong ....I personally feel arthritis flares are thyroid related, although Endo says no. Hope u feel better fast.

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