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Feeling good on Thiroyd

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Hi guys,

Thank you for your precious infos about ndt from Thailand.

I have started to take Thiroyd for about 6 days now; i did a straight switch from 3 grains of nature throid to 3 grains of Thiroyd.

I didnt have any secondary effects, feeling better than nature throid.

My brain fog is lifting, my vision geting better, not having a" lump" and sore throat.

All is good..do you think i can start to see good results in only 6 days?

Thank you!


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You could do, since effectively you have just changed brand rather than anything else. You might be absorbing it better.

You might want to get your thyroid levels tested privately in six weeks, just to see how you are doing. If you do find you need to change your dose (up or down) because of developing symptoms do it 1/4 tablet at a time, wait six weeks then test again.

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Micky7 in reply to humanbean

Thank you!

how are you doing now on it...i dont know where to order thyroid s or this...

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