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Nature throid v thiroyd

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Hi, reposting a question I have as originally posted last night so it's kind of got lost beneath all the new ones this morning.. hope that's ok?I

I am currently on nature throid, I've been on NDT for around 2 years and had been doing really well on it for about 6 months (thought I'd found my optimal dose). Recently I've been feeling tired again and depression is creeping back. My latest bloods show my T3 has dropped so I have increased my dose and am now up to 4 1/2 grains with no relief yet. I'm wondering if speculation about a possible reformulation of nature throid could be correct so am considering switching to thiroyd. It would be cheaper for me too but I know thiroyd probably has more fillers. I would be interested to hear your thoughts, particularly from those of you taking thiroyd.

Thanks in advance

Nat x

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Hi-I was on Naturethroid when I first switched from T3 & stayed on it for a few months,but got fed up when supplies were difficult,plus the cost of VAT & Royal Mail handling fees.Now been on Thiroid for a few weeks.I think its slightly stronger.

I was a 16 UK dress size until winter 2016,when I became depressed & dropped to a 14.Been on an SSRI at a low dose for 18 months & now an 18!

So I can't really judge NDT yet.Am now tapering off SSRIs at 10% per month & hope a combination of zero SSRIs & NDT will give me enough T3,otherwise I will add T3 to my NDT.

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NatChap in reply to Naomi8

I'd be really interested to see how you get on on thiroyd. I think NDT is the way to go but it's finding the right one that eliminates symptoms and is affordable!

Nat... I am in the USA and although Naturethroid is becoming more available, some long-time users are finding the 'new' Naturethroid not being the same as the old and they seem to be going hypo. That being said, some users are just fine with the 'new' Naturethroid.

If I were you, I would certainly at least try Thiroyd or Thyroid S and see how you get on. Or.... try buying NP thyroid by Acella. If you change, give yourself 6 weeks or so on the different brand of NDT, then get new labs and see what is happening.

If you get your own labs (private), do get them to run a Reverse T 3, Free T 4, Free T 3, antibodies, iron, D3, B 12.

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NatChap in reply to phoenix23002

Thank you 🙂 I have heard that some people are having issues with naturethroid, I would love to know the truth because RLC claim nothing has changed. I think I will wait until I get back from my holiday in a couple of weeks and then if I'm still feeling crap I'll try Thiroyd. I have only just had my vitamin and minerals tested and levels are all really good. I do have Hashimotos but my last lab results showed my antibodies almost back within normal range which I think is down to going gluten free, but I will definitely get T3 and T4 tested again after I switch x

Nat... that is great about your antibodies being lower. The truth about RLC is that they had to find a different supplier of their USP grade NDT extract because Armour bought out the other, main supplier and intended to charge a fortune for it. I admire RLC's refusal to be held hostage to Armour but.... their source is different. So, even tho the formula may not have changed (the way they make their thyroid meds), some may be having problems with the 'new' extract. We are all so different and react differently to the same things, right? So some are getting along just fine and others are struggling.

Just a ps. Look into taking 200 - 400 mcgs of selenium each day. It seems to help the thyroid gland and is especially helpful for hashis sufferers. That is mcgs.... NOT mgs. A few brazil nuts daily, tho not a standardized dose, will give you some selenium naturally. If you research and decide to go the natural route, do try to find the freshest nuts possible.

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NatChap in reply to phoenix23002

I didn't know that about Armour and RLC! Damn it, it's so annoying after I'd been doing so well on it too. Oh well,onwards and upwards, I'll have to experiment a bit. Kicking myself for just spending another£150 on naturethroid though 🙄

I do give RLC kudos for at least trying to keep expenses down for us (I take WP and NP) but, like you said, it is a horror tale for those who were doing well on the 'old' and are now stuck trying to find a viable substitute. I do wish you luck. Oh.... I will mention one thing you might try before chucking your Naturethroid. I have no clue that this will work but it is worth a try. Erfa changed their formula/mfg location (from Brussels to Spain) and their 'new' version was a nightmare for some. A few folks posted that when they crushed the tab into a fine powder and consumed, the 'new' Erfa started working for them. It is worth a try. One said he put a tablet in a large spoon and used the back of another spoon to grind the tablet up. You can purchase 'grinders' at the pharmacy that might work as well. I am not too encouraged that this will work because with the Erfa, grinding up solved the problem with absorption. That isn't the problem with the 'new' Naturethroid..??? maybe it is??

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NatChap in reply to phoenix23002

I already do that 😳 I can hang on to it as back up though, wouldn't want to discard it works, just not as well as I need it to x

I ended up having to take an extra grain of Nature Throid to bring my levels back to where they had been previously - so now on 5 grains.

If it’s true about Armour purchasing the main supply of extract, then it’s great that RLC have made that stand.

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NatChap in reply to Watmum

I'm up to 4.5 grains which is all well and good if it makes me feel well again but there is also the cost, especially with the reduced strengths. What dose were you on previously? Are you back to normal health wise now?

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NatChap in reply to NatChap

Sorry just re read it.. you were on 4 like me. It's such a dilemma to know what is best to do!

I had been on 4 grains for quite some time and am now back to feeling ok-ish. Still tire easily but believe my Adrenals took a battering after being under medicated for years 😩. Have also tried Levo and T3 but NDT is what makes me feel the closest to being like my old self.

Will pm you about who I buy from

Nat, I have been taking Nature Throid for over 2yrs and so has my daughter and feeling really well on this. We had some of the old Nature Throid left, which was still in date,so we compared it with the new supply and it smelled and looked so different that we threw the old away thinking it was off.

I was on 3 1/4 grains but since we have had the new supply I have already had to drop by a 1/4 and still feel over replaced. I have had a blood test this morning so will wait for the results before I drop down any lower but I think I will be changing to a new type of NDT

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NatChap in reply to Dar68

Gosh I've not heard of anyone having to reduce their dose on the new one! I understand that must be a pain but I kind of wish it was that way round for me as the prospect of the increase in cost every time my dose goes up is so depressing 😞

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Dar68 in reply to NatChap

So far my daughter seems ok on the new Nature Throid but I'm very sensitive to medications so it might be they have changed something that has caused my reaction.

Sorry to hear that you still don't feel so well and are still having to find the right dose. I understand about the cost as I have to pay for mine and my daughters as she's a student

Take care

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Hashi-Monster in reply to Dar68

Did the old one have brown flecks through it? .. I have noticed the new one is much more uniformed in colour. For me personally the old one was stronger and I have had to increase my dose on the new one.

My naturethroid has always been uniform in colour, just white x

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