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Mystery T4 still in blood results

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I am returning to this as my blood tests still show practically the same (every time) T4 reading. I have not had any T4 prescribed for over 2 years and have NO thyroid.

My GP says that other parts of the body also produce T4 - is this true? I have never seen this confirmed. This is the sort of reading I get.

No thyroid all surgically removed 5 years ago.

I take 75 of T3 spread over a day. 37.5; 25; 12.5

Blood test before any meds taken

TSH 0.032 (0.360 - 3.740)

T4 FREE 1.23 (7.60 - 14.60)

T3 FREE 4.08 (2.18 - 3.98)

T4 should surely be zero

I can understand a slight inaccuracy on a reading but in my mind there is a difference between an inaccurate reading and detecting something that is not there. I have just been re-scanned to check to thyroid regrowth.

Again any thoughts appreciated

Happy New Year.

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Well, thyroid tissue can be apparent elsewhere - it's not unknown for there to be some thyroid deeper into the chest and separate from the main body of the thyroid gland; and also in a certain type of ovarian tumour. But I think you had an excellent explanation from diogenes when you last posted about this.

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