Puzzling over my latest bloods

I firstly want to thank all those who have helped me on my hpothyroid journey thus far. I have learned so much and have managed to improve my health up until recently. I am now puzzled about what to do next. I was diagnosed hypo in 2007 and put on levo, gradually increasing to 100mcg. All seemed to go well until I was affected by the Teva medication (licence withdrawn because the tablet doses varied so much.) This undoubtedly upset my system and I set off down the slippery slope. meds dose altered up and down by gp according to TSH- fatal.

Then I found this site and took charge of my health by supplementing for low B12, Vit D etc and for the next 12 months things semed ok. Then I took another dive, felt very unwell and was diagnosed with TPO antibodies. Again thanks to advice on here I went gluten free and then lacto free and after 6 months my ab's were almost at zero. Last year (April) I stopped supplementing B12 and D3 but had them tested at 6 month intervals. In May this year I again felt very unwell (very hypo) my Tsh had gone up to 1.2, I only feel something like normal with Tsh well below 1 (.2) at the time my B12 was 994 (180-630) and Vit D3 was 151- T4 was 16.21 (12-22) T3 4.31 (3.1-6.8) Gp reluctantly agreed to increase levo to 112.5mcg per day with warnings about heart attacks and osteoporosis.

My latest bloods show Tsh 0.07, T4 18.29, T3 4.25 Vit D3 101 and B12 431. (BH tests) I saw a note on my GP patient access screen that they want to see me re abnormal TSH- I had a TSH test via NHS at same time as BH test- ranges similar. Today I looked through all my old tests- the latest T4 and T3 results are the highest I have ever had,but I know they are not high enough. So it would seem I need some T3 if I want to feel really well. Why did my B12 fall off a cliff between May and Oct? I am back on the supplements. Could stress be the cause of my poor T4 and T3, has that depleted my B12? All advice/suggestions welcome. Sorry for long post.

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  • Sorry you are unwell,you seemed to be thriving when we met at the Conference.I may have misremembered but I thought you were on NDT at the time?

    I do not know enough to comment but hope you get some answers.I think stress does enormous damage to all our systems. Fight or flight but little oppurtunity in modern life.

  • Sorry not to reply sooner. No I have never taken T3 although I believe that was how my Nan was treated back in 50's! It's her genes to blame as hypo is rampant in my Dad's family. A younger sis has also been diagnosed hypo but she is not as bad as me, no TPO's.

  • It was NDT I thought you said improved your balance not T3 ,but then my memory is poor!

    I tried it without success.

  • It's not possible to store B12 in your tissues (or any of the B vitamins as they are water-soluble) so you'd need to continue supplementing to keep on top of things in that department. I can't advise over T3 I'm afraid, I'm sure someone else can do so. :)

  • Yes, I know that B12 and some other vits are water soluble and therefore don't stay around too long. I had stopped supplementing because my level was about 1400 and gp had a hissy fit. But my levels had only dropped to 990 15 months later and then suddenly went to 430 within about 4 months?!

    tghat and the rise in my TSH when the vit levels were very good- all a bit of a mystery.

  • Just seen latest from Izabella Wentz which refers to adrenals and stress .May be worth a look.

  • Thanks treepie, I have read it too and am reading about adrenals and have come to the conclusion I need to get them sorted and then I can look at adding some T3. It's a long road and sometimes I find it a bit overwhelming but I have to do something. Izabella Went is great, learnt a lot about Hashi's from her, that;s why I went GF and lactofree and got rid of nearly all TPO'.

    Also just read about research into kidney disease and lack of T3 doesn't help. My GFR results are not good so am hoping that T3 will improve that. The domino effect I think is the problem. Solve one issue and then find another because everything in the body is interconnected but most modern medicine tries to put things into separate boxes, as so many people on here have discovered wtih numerous diagnoses for different things which would probably go away if the thyroid was better treated.

    Thyroid is the poor relation but adrenals are a real no go area!

    Rant over, back to reading and learning. i'm not going to give in just yet.

  • Yes, stress can deplete B12. So can celiac.

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