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Falling levels and rising TSH

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Thyroid Advanced Profile

* Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)13.2 mIU/L0.27 - 4.3 mIU/L

Free Thyroxine (FT4)13.8 pmol/L12.0 - 23.0 pmol/L

Triiodothyronine (FT3)3.57 pmol/L3.1 - 6.8 pmol/L

* Anti-Thyroidperoxidase antibodies77.7 kIU/L0.0 - 34.0 kIU/L

Thyroxine (T4)89.1 nmol/L66.0 - 181.0 nmol/L

Anti-Thyroglobulin antibodies (TGAB)63.0 kU/L0.0 - 115.0 kU/L

Vitamin D

* 25-hydroxy Vitamin D203.0 nmol/L50.0 - 100.0 nmol/L

Above are my latest thyroid results. Having had Hashis for 5-6 years and hypo prior to that I have been unable to stabilise my Levo dose.

I gave up gluten a year ago - T4 rose to 22 and my TPO fell. So I lowered my Levo from75/88 alt days to 50/56 6 weeks ago and my results are above. I am assuming my Levo is now too low, witness the high TSH. Would this also be why my TPO antibodies have increased ?

I will now increase my dose but would be grateful for any comments/advice

Happy Xms

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Is your Vitamin D result 203?

Isn't that too high?

Your TSH is too high and your Free T4 & Free T3 are low in range.

thanks for pointin that out, I was so taken up with the thyroid results I hadn't even read that properly. Yes much too high, stopping oral spray immediately.

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No wonder you don't feel good. Your TSH is too high, T4 near bottom of range. T3 also is bottom of the range.

You are on an insufficient dose of (I assume ) levothyroxine. There's no thyroid history in your Profile, but with antibodies, you state, you have hashimoto's. Your dose of levo is far to low as confirmed by your high TSH and extremely low FT4 and FT3, both should be nearer the top of the range. T3 in particular is the Active thyroid hormone and is required in our millions of T3 receptor cells. T4 is an inactive hormone and has to convert to T3 so you are in dire need of an increase to bring TSH to 1 or lower and increase both frees towards the otp of the ranges.

TSH is not a thyroid hormone - it is from the pituitary gland which tries to flag the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormones as the person is deficient.



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Daffers123 in reply to shaws

Thank you, Shaws. I was running too high but clearly have dropped too far. Its amazing what a difference even a small(ish) dose reduction can make. Unfortunately I havent been able to tolerate T3 (Cytomel not NDT) and been too frightened to try NDT as I am extremely sensitive to chemicals it seems.

Thanks for the links which I am about to read and will put more stuff on my Profile

Impossible to tell what your vit D result is. It could be:

Vitamin D2 03.0 which would be strange and too low.

Or it could be:

Vitamin D 203.0 which would be rediculously high. Are you supplementing vit D?

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Daffers123 in reply to greygoose

Thanks I just checked and its D3 hydroxy at 203 which as you say, is much too high. Will stop supplementing (I have been using oral spray) as I clearly don't need it at the moment!


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greygoose in reply to Daffers123

Sounds like a good idea. :)

Yes you are quite right. When I was on the higher dose, and after giving up gluten, my readings were at top of range which made me feel overmedicated and not at all well. So I mustve reduced too far by the look of those results. What a fine balancin act it all is.

Thanks for replying

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When you retest in 6-8 weeks after dose increase make sure to test B12, folate and ferritin too

FT4 is supposed to be near top of range when on Levothyroxine

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