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2nd miscarriage in 10 months



I miscarried at 11 weeks in February although I think in reality the baby died a few weeks before.

I grieved and recovered as well as you can. The loss is still painful but I’d accepted it. I panicked about conceiving again especially as rates of recurrent miscarriage and conception seemed linked but went with the sensible opinion that you need to be mentally ready first.

I was ready. Conceived in month 2 of trying and was so relieved it was quick.

Following miscarriage 1 which wasn’t monitored for thyroid - I asked a lot and was always told the next appt person would be interested. I wasn’t going to be fobbed off again. I took guidance with me to gp demanded testing and he was great.

12 week scan this week and no heartbeat now I’m waiting for surgery and praying I can hold out that long. Waiting a week when you know the baby has no heartbeat is devastating.

So I am obviously trying to work it all out. While I totally appreciate miscarriage is still so unknown I am angry and not currently willing to accept the rubbish support of you did nothing wrong and it wasn’t meant to be. I saw the scan I grew a healthy baby, a baby with no heartbeat. I had weekly acupuncture and the acupuncturist can’t fathom it. I was well monitored with TSH, T3 and T4 I was hideously sick.

I have cancelled lots of plans due to sickness, my husband is exhausted after running around after me for nearly three months.

My daughter is 4 and knew about miscarriage 1 she doesn’t know about miscarriage 2 but can sense something isn’t right. She asked me when I was going to have a new baby this week. She would make the best sister.

So I’m heartbroken but now wondering if thyroid is to blame. My dad has autoimmune condition. I’ve been told mine is likely but I don’t think confirmed. My thyroid originally broke down after my daughter was born.

I see a private dr who wasn’t concerned about miscarriage 1. I am angry I grieved and did what I could to prevent a repeat, I fought and got testing but the same outcome.

I didn’t go gluten free and tbh I struggled with all food when pregnant I’m not sure what I could eat.

Apologies this is super long:

A) do people recommend an immunologist for this issue? Zita West clinic seem to work on immunology expensive but I will do that if need be.

B) does AIP diet prevent miscarriage?

C) is it normal to wait for week 16 or longer for endo referral when pregnant, gp thought it would be quick....

D) will antibodies stay high and should I get them tested ASAP?

E) adoption success stories welcome in considering it all atm

I hope for a positive outcome and so wish miscarriage was the rarest of things x

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Hi annabeth

Firstly I'm so sorry for both your Losses. Its never easy especially when there are so many unknowns also.

I've never been pregnant but am struggling through IVF ATM.

You were right to have thyroid tested Nd great that it was managed- do you have test results ? Was your TSH below 2.5 when you got pregnant ?

As most doctors consider TSH below 4 as normal but for fertility it should be below 2.5 when TTC and then almost immediately increased when you find you are pregnant.

With regaRds to reproductive immunology there is a lot of debate as to how effective it is. (Immunolipids etc) Ive known some people it's worked for.

However it is important to know if your thyroid is autoimmune as it implies a more tailored aporoach. The antibodies themselves don't cause an issue but if you have them it means your thyroid needs closer monitoring and there are other considerations

A lot of IVF clinics will prescribe steroids to try to minimise the immune issue but research is inconclusive

Also one autoimmune condition can increase risk of others and some women may develop lupus or have lupus antibodies and blood coagulation issues

Factor V clotting issue is very common

And so many women are put on blood thinners through early pregnancy or aspirin to increase healthy blood flow to womb and development. Some will say opposite and you shouldn't use it but many of us have found its worked- and usually with recurrent miscarriage it's tried in the private sector.

However one of the most simple and safer interventions is often giving extra progesterone support during early pregnancy to maintain lining etc

It sounds that your second MC developed well otherwise and you were able to get pregnant naturally which is a positive sign. As things were settling and egg quality takes a few months to change it may just be a chromosomal issue and the embryo was never meant to develop further.

If you tend to bleed early or have spotting during your cycle normally then extra progesterone may help.

In terms of AIP diet and gluten free etc although a lot of us feel it helps with thyroid control it's not necessarily linked to increase pregnancy chances. If your thyroid is well controlled with meds that's usually all that matters for baby- as they use your t4. Was your t4 in upper part of the range ?

Lastly have you had all your vitamins checked ? In particular b12/folate/iron/ferritin/vit D

Defiicnecy in these will affect both thyroid and pregnancy so important to have optimal levels (not just 'withib range' as most doctors think is fine) and may help with the sickness your feeling. Until I had my vitamins restored I never recovered full health on thyroid meds alone.

Hopefully others will be able to add more insight

However you may also want to head over to the 'fertility network' forum on healthunlocked- it's a lovely supportive community and you will find many women including myself in your situation and with a lot of experience and insights to share.

Good luck to you

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Thank you so much for your reply it’s very helpful.

Yes I used the guidance doc for thyroid levels so good before pregnancy and in the ideal pregnancy ranges when pregnant for first trimester I had it checked a few times and it was always good, I did increase my thyroxine by 25mgs on positive pregnancy test and as I am usually only on 75mg it seemed ok.

I can re check levels re vitamins although I have been on super good thyroid support formulas and pre natal moving on to natal vits. In fact I am wondering if I could have had too high levels of something!

I also took 150mg aspirin this time round last time took 75mg - my first daughter she’s 4 / had obstetric Cholestasis and pre eclampsia and eclampsia after birth so blood clotting etc may well be an issue. My mum has factor 12 deficiency which I don’t think is a big issue but does point to blood issues.

I will head to the recommended forum.

Thank you so much and good luck with your own baby journey xxx

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Brilliant - seems you're on the ball and your doctors are cooperating well.

A lot of ladies have had to fight to even get onto thyroid treatment

I really hope this was just one of those things and you get your baby soon


I’m so sorry to hear of your situation. I hope that you can find some answers.

I’m no expert on miscarriage but I am aware that low progesterone can cause it. A simple hormone (saliva) test may be able to tell you a bit more about this. You take it mid cycle (I think day 19, 20 or 21). If this is proven to be the case then you can start on the solutions.

Thinking of you :(



Unfortunately, when hypothyroid it can cause lots of problems it not optimally prescribed.

Many mothers develop hypothyroidism after a pregnancy.

Many doctors believe that when our TSH is somewhere in the range we're on a sufficient dose.


I am really sorry you have had miscarriages. Unfortunately, when hypothyroid it can cause miscarriages so your thyroid hormones have to be optimal.



This is an excerpt from last link:

"Despite mounting evidence of the dangers of maternal thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy, there is still NO universal thyroid screening in pregnancy and this enrages me."

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