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hypothyroidism and recurrent miscarriage


Hi, wondering if anyone can help, give advice etc. I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (6 weeks ago) and have started taking levothyroxine. I also was diagnosed with iron deficiency and am taking supplements (leaving 2 hours gap between meds ). In the last 7 months i have had a missed miscarriage, chemical miscarriage and a miscarriage - they all seem to have stopped growing at the 5 1/2 week mark. Can hypothyroidism cause these? I have asked my GP for advice but they dont seem to know much about this and keep telling me conflicting information. Is there anything that can prevent this from happening?

I have also heard that chiropractors can help with some of the symptoms?

For years i have been tired , breathless and had recurrent chest infections.... i have always put this down to shift work, asthma and getting older (im only 31yrs).

I just dont know where to turn :(

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Welcome to the forum, Mandymoo84.

I'm sorry you have had recent miscarriages. Do you have a hypothyroid diagnosis?

Untreated hypothyroidism can cause infertility and increases the risk of miscarriage. NICE recommend the TSH of women planning to conceive and newly pregnant should be in the low-normal range 0.4-2.0 with FT4 in, or near, the top quadrant of range. Levothyroxine is usually increased by 25-50mcg when pregnancy is confirmed to ensure good foetal development particularly during the first trimester when it is totally dependant on maternal thyroid hormone.


mandymoo84 in reply to Clutter

I suffer with hypothyroidism and am taking levothyroxine 50mcg. I was only diagnosed 6 weeks ago.

I had told my gp that it was recommended that my dose should be increased but they said not until the last trimester. I never had an issue getting pregnant just can seem to stay pregnant

Clutter in reply to mandymoo84

Mandymoo84, your GP is wrong, Levothyroxine should be increased immediately pregnancy is confirmed as the foetus is dependant on maternal hormone until it's own thyroid is developed at 12 weeks.

Your GP should also refer you to endocrinology for management when your next pregnancy is confirmed.

Show your GP the NICE recommendations in the link I posted above.

Ask for printouts of your thyroid results with the lab ref ranges after every blood test. You can post them on the forum for advice.

mandymoo84 in reply to Clutter

Thank you, it makes me feel so frustrated.... I just don't think the GPS know enough about it. Thank you.

PinkNinja in reply to mandymoo84

I agree with Clutter that your GP is wrong. I had two miscarriages because of failure to increase my dose immediately pregnancy was confirmed. With the pregnancy that became my first miscarriage (late), I asked the GP I saw on that occasion to test my thyroid as I had found out I was pregnant. He said my thyroid didn't need testing. I now believe he hadn't even checked my notes because protocol at the surgery is to test straight away if the patient is hypothyroid. Of course, I was ignorant of thyroid issues in those days and assumed the senior partner would know better than me. At 10 weeks I was feeling very hypothyroid so I did get a thyroid test then but it was too late. Luckily after the second miscarriage I had a successful pregnancy and had a lovely daughter to keep my son company :) I can't stress enough how important it is to get on an optimal dose of thyroxine if you are planning to become pregnant.

I am sorry you have had to go through all this but there is every chance that, once your thyroid treatment is sorted out, you can have a healthy pregnancy. Getting your iron sorted out will also help. You will likely need an increase in dose of thyroxine around now if you have been on 50mcg for 6 weeks. The dose should be increased by 25mcg every 4-6 weeks until symptoms disappear. Ideally your TSH needs to be around 1. Some need it to be more, some need it to be less but it should most definitely not be above 2. You may also benefit from taking a good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement if you aren't already. It would be wise to get your folate and B12 tested but you would need to stop supplements for a short time before the tests to get an accurate result.

Wishing you all the very best and I look forward to hearing about a baby in the future :)

Carolyn x

Thank you, I feel like I'm going mad. It's just so frustrating. The only reason I was diagnosed was because I asked if they could check my hormones. I'm just so annoyed as I had asked about increasing my dose and they said no..I just wished I pushed more. I'm not trying again till next year now as my body and mind need a break from all the disappointment. You have given me some hope. Thank you

Hi I'm sorry you've has losses its overwhelming and heart breaking I suffered a missed miscarriage in April mine was 8weeks one day but didn't actually miscarriage until ten weeks. I've asked the gp and endo and no one has given me any idea what could cause it as unfortunately they can happen quite commonly not what you want too hear when your future hopes and dreams are snatched is it. I was also so upset that I was refused a meds increase of 25mcg on presenting pregnancy too gp so I have that going round my head would pregnancy have gone further with extra meds. How do you physically feel I've been awful since it happened cant seem too get well but then the endo I saw doesn't think I'm hypo so I'm now on reduced meds. Anyways not sure any of this helps hun but big hugs xx

Physically Im starting to feel how I did before I was on the meds. Irritable, bad digestion, tired. But my joints seem to hurt now it I go for a long walk. I need to go back to my gp. I don't see the point of going in a way if they don't know what they are really doing :(.

I'm so sorry to hear of your losses - they're heartbreaking at whatever stage of pregnancy you are, I've had 8 and all but 1 were early completely get where you're at.

Your GP is wrong, you need to up your dose by 25mcg as soon as you find your pregnant because baby needs all the thyroxine they can get from you for their brain development - and you will need more blood tests and dose increases as your pregnancy progresses.

The consultant endo I saw recommended a TSH of 1.0, I also saw a recurrent miscarriage consultant at a London Hospital ( I can give you details if you need) who was fantastic.

Can you get referred to an endo consultant who can guide you through - please don't lose heart - you will get there, I've now got a bouncy 2 year old -we just need a little more care with being hypo!

Take care, good luck and sending hugs,

Sarah x

mandymoo84 in reply to Girlpower

Hi sarah.

I don't know how you coped with 8 miscarriages. I was 9 weeks with a missed miscarriage and then an early miscarriage then a eptopic :(. I went back to the Dr Who has now taken all rheumatology bloods and antibodies. He said depending on the results he may refer me to a rheumatolist, endocrinologist and a gynaecologist. Hopefully it will get sorted :(. I just feel this hypothyroidism is just ruining everything

Hi there, I'm really sorry, I thought I'd replied to you - but realised not when I went through my emails.

I'm glad you've had all the blood tests done and that you get the referrals you need to help get to the bottom of what's causing your miscarriages.

You will get there, but being armed with as much knowledge as possible will help - it does seem unfair to have this grotty hypo thing going on though your Dr sounds supportive which is really helpful!

Take care for now and good luck,

Sarah x

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