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Can my thyroid be the cause of miscarriage?

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Hello, your posts have been very helpful. I recently lost my baby at 6 weeks and found out at 8 weeks.

This miscarriage has been the difficult time in my life. I am really concerned abt my next pregnancy, I want to try my best to make it a successful one.

These were the thyroid levels that were tested for me and the results. Please let me know if you see anything wrong, it can help me pinpoint what the cause was.

TSH at week 4 of pregnancy was 2.25

TSH at week 6 was 3.23 (the week baby stopped growing)

TPO was 88.3 iu/ml

Free T4 was 1.6

Thyroglobulin says <1.0 ng/ml

Thyroglobulin antibody says positive

PLEASE please let me know if these look like results that might cause a miscarriage. I am praying it was just a natural one, but if it is my thyroid I need to know soon before I plan my next pregnancy.

Thank you

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Hello, I have just read and am so sorry, what a ghastly thing to happen. I am sure experienced folk will be along to help soon.

I’m so sorry to hear what you’ve been through. I’m unsure how to interpret the results but there are some really knowledgeable people on here who I’m sure will reply.

I do know however, that thyroid issues can cause low progesterone, and you can also have low progesterone without thyroid issues. Progesterone is what keeps your uterus in tact while carrying a baby, same as it does during a normal period. If you have low progesterone you’ll get shorter menstrual cycles as you can’t hold the lining together for long enough so it just sheds.

It may be worth looking into this as a cause. If it happens to be that Vitamin B6 can help a lot. I hope you find some answers and can carry your baby full term next time!

Thank you, I will definitely have this tested. Is progesterone levels tested or is it the B6?

Thank you all for the help

You’d probably get progesterone and estrogen levels tested, not sure whether you need other hormones tested but those are the main ones I know of that need to be in the right ratios.

I mentioned B6 as I know it can help (amongst other things) if you do find out it’s low progesterone :)

The answer is yes it can .Use the search facility for " Thyroid and pregnancy' and you will find posts and helpful responses.

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