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Liothyronine Hydrochloride vs Liothyronine Sodium


Have you or any of your members have any experience with Liothyronine Hydrochloride vs Liothyronine Sodium?

As I understand it, the UK licensed version of T3 contains sodium and hydrochloride is only used in Henning Thybon, which is the German licensed product.

I appear to be allergic to certain fillers and enzymes contain in some medications, and I suspect Liothyronine Hydrochloride may be better for me.

Do know if private endos have any issue with explicitly specifying Liothyronine Hydrochloride instead of Liothyronine Sodium on their prescriptions?

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When issuing a prescription that is being sent to German for Thybon, the prescription just needs to say "Liothyronine", it doesn't have to specify "Hydrochloride".

thanks! I have experience with a flexible UK pharmacy where, as I understand it, if the prescription specifies hydrochloride then they can provide Thybon. If it does not, then they have to supply the UK licensed default medication which contains sodium.

I currently take Thybon Henning Liothyronine Hydrochloride and am very happy with it. But I've been happy with any make I've been given TBH. However I don't think you can assume from its different active ingredient composition, that you will necessarily be troubled less or more, by that, or by its excipients, than with UK products.

thanks MaisieGray , how do you source Thybon Henning Liothyronine Hydrochloride?

I had a private prescription from my GP which was dispensed in Germany. Unfortunately SeasideSusie has confirmed for me that my particular pharmacy is no longer dispensing to the UK. There are however others listed here

Thanks MaisieGray could you PM the name of the one that has been discontinued so that I don't follow that option?

It is VersandApo that is no longer dispensing to us.

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