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Sorry, just a bit of a frustrated rant...

So I tend to avoid the GP as I can't stand going through the rigamarole of explaining I have a thyroid problem, not a CFS problem. My last post was asking if its possible to remove incorrect diagnosises from my medical records (or a least resolved) as it seems to complicate/confuse any appointments I have. (separate story)

It was pointed out on here, that I had actually done quite well from my appointment; as I left with a new blood test booked (for TSH, B12, folate and ferritin – although I had gone in with a private blood test showing all of this plus much more...), a new prescription for an increase in levo and a referral to an endo, and potential B12 injections, and that I should keep my diagnosis of CFS on my records.

However, today I learnt, that my 'new' prescription, was actually the same as what I am already on, on (a repeat – that confused the pharmacy), I am not getting B12 injections – but I might get pills if I am in the deficient category (<150) dependent on their own test results when they come back (even though I have pins and needles and insufficient B12) and I haven't been referred to the endo as my TSH was just within the range)

I have spent 2 days ringing the reception, prescriptions, office and walking to and from the pharmacy to see if there was a mistake. The surgery now think I made it all up, as there were no notes on my medical records about an increase in Levo or PA testing.

So I am actually no better off. I have to wait another week to see if my B12 is deemed low enough for perhaps pill treatment. I am none the wiser about PA. They only tested my TSH, so that will probably amount to zilch. I wish I had never gone because now I am back on their radar!

I think the worst thing is the hope you feel when you think something is going to happen and then the realisation comes crashing down when you realise, once again no-one really hears you and its all the about numbers that they want to monitor!

Rant over, thank you.

(I think its time to go private)

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many on B12 injections are being moved over against their wishes to self supplementing B12 tablets at their own cost.....all part of the huge budget cuts

Roughly where in UK are you?

Have you got the list of recommended thyroid specialists from Dionne at Thyroid Uk?


You had some good advice from PAS healthunlocked about low B12 and trying to get treatment

Oh I love a thyroid rant. Your treatment by your GP is so typical of many on here. Record the useless idiot on your phone next time or take a friend or take notes - pin the imbecile down. We are supposed to be the ones with brain fog who forget things FFS! Then again, since many GPs are so bloody ill informed and unimaginative about thyroid treatment, you can’t really forget what you never knew! Do they think you dreamt what was agreed? How frustrating. Going private, (only even the you need the right sympathetic endo and a thyroid specialist, not any old endo as some of them can be just as pants as GPs), may be the next best option if you can’t try another GP. It shouldn’t be that way though. It’s a travesty.

Absolutely know what you mean - rant away!

Yes exactly that's why I never go to the doctors at all.

I'm trying that, forget doctors just frustration and debilitating dosages. I'm doing pretty good now with the knowledge I've gained here.

Change GP

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