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Functional DX thyroid test

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Hi there, I have decided to see a functional doctor about my Hashimotos. She has recommended that I do the Functional DX thyroid test that will test TSH, Reverse T3, T4 , TPO ab, Thyroglobulin abs and a whole range of other things.

The doctor was very happy for me to go and get a Thriva test rather than paying for this but says that it will also test my nutritional status,toxic exposure, oxidative and emotional stress levels, sugar status and other things. She says it is really very thorough.

I am a bit of a sceptic about some of these tests and think that if you seek you will find...Maybe it will be helpful though? Would appreciate any experiences/advice/opinions on the matter 😀 thanks in advance.

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Is that the FT4? And does it also test FT3? That's the most important number for thyroid. Reverse T3 isn't a very helpful test. It's one of those that tells you if there's a problem, but not where the problem is, like CRP and ANA. To know where the problem is you need all the thyroid tests mentioned, plus nutrient tests, plus cortisol.

Yes sorry missed off FT3, also checks the things you mention. Sounds like I should just go for it. Someone in this community once said we would pay a lot of money if our car needed fixing so why not our body?

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greygoose in reply to Jenbot78

Oh, absolutely agree. If all the necessary tests are there, plus ones we've never thought of, go for it! :)

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Why not get a full Thyroid and vitamin test from Medichecks or Blue Horizon

Literally thousands on here use these private companies for full testing

Your new doctor will be good at one thing for sure, taking your money.

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