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Hashimotos test results

Hello again,

I am having trouble with all sorts of things which seem to me to be thyroid related. I have sent you my blood test results as the doctor says they are in the normal range and you have advised me. I am waiting for some new blood test results. However I have just remembered I had an antibody test for Hashimotos about 9 months ago and thought no more about it as the doctor said it was nothing. That's ok but now I have the print out could I have your confirmation of that please? This is what it says. Thyroid peroxisomal antibodies 51-100 i.u./ml - Equivocal

Thyroid peroxisomal antibodies >100 i.u./ml-positive original result: 14l.u/ml

What on earth does all that mean? All I know is that the doctor said there was nothing to indicate hashimotos.

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..ummm ! As it says you have a positive result then I would suggest you do have Hashimotos. Sorry can't remember your other results. Could be that they were all in range - as can often be with Hashimotos.....and also why the GP has not commenced treatment. I would certainly take this up with your GP and ask for an explanation. He probably does not know enough about it all. This could explain why you are still struggling with so many thyroid type symptoms....Your anti-bodies are quite low so nothing to worry about - just have a look at your diet and see if there is anything that could be amended - wheat ?


Hello Marz,

Thank you for getting back to me! I am dumbfounded! Is that a positive result - I was told or it was implied that it was a negative result. I can't believe it. I have got progressively worse with all the usual symptoms of hypo but started off with hyper / hypo symptoms. I have had the lump in the throat symptom for over a year and my latest bad symptom is bad heart palpitations which got so bad that it became a constant gurgling in my chest. This was remedied with a multivit/mineral tablet so I went back to the doctor who has tested my blood again. When I asked if it was iron deficiency he was very non - committal and said it could be something else. B12? My last thyroid test before the palps was tsh 3.28 and freeT4 14. So does it mean that I had antibodies to Hashis? Are you saying that?


...only found your reply as I had returned to your question. If you want me to see your reply then click onto Reply to this - in the yellow box. Am only reading what your post says and if I understand it correctly it says your TPO result was 141 or was that a typing error and it was only 14 - as I see it is a different form ie a l instead of a 1. Maybe look at your results again and report it as it is written with adequate spacing and full stops or use different lines.

Your last test indicates that the T4 is too low and the TSH too high. You do not have anti-bodies to Hashi's - Hashimotos is the name given to the condition when you have anti-bodies.


Sorry Marz!

The antibodies were 14l.u/ml - that's 14 l and not 141.

I have my blood test results back and my thyroid is looking a bit more "normal" TSH -2.93 and free T4 15.3

Before it was TSH 3.28 and free T4 14

My doctor didn't test for B12 after all and the test shows my iron to be ok. What is worrying me though is a serum TIBC of 37 which is very low. Do you know if this is a sign of pernicious anaemia?


Only found your reply as I had returned to your question ! Sorry do not know what TIBC is.....don't forget to click onto the yellow box in the post of the person to whom you are replying !


TIBC = total iron-binding capacity



Thank you.....


Hi Marz, I have just had a thought. I am trying to figure out why I have had heart palpitations as you know. I forgot to remind you that I have a benign nodule and I have just read that this can cause palpitations. Is that right? I have always suspected that I have Hashimotos but as you know the result was only 14. If this is a sign of Hashimotos I would really like to have another antibody test to see if this is the case. After a year my antibodies may have increased and then that would explain everything. If they are the same I can rule it out. However my GP wasn't keen on giving me the first test so I don't think I'll get another one! Is it possible to get a private test without a referral?


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