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Where can I buy T3 online


Where to buy liothyronine sodium.

I have been on T3 25mcg for 20 years (along with T4) and when I couldn't get presciptions any more I bought from a Greek supplier who was Ok for a year then ripped me off keeping my money and not sending tablets.

Then I found a Mexican one (who ever thought I would end up buying drugs from Mexico!). I have just gone to reorder and they only have T3 75mcg capsules. I read an article last year that said different makes were also different in effectiveness and that Cytemol was the best. Anyway - please could I have suggestions/links for where I can buy T3 preferably Cytemol asap?

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If you're looking for Grossman Cytomel, as supplied by the Mexican supplier, I understand that there is some delay with production at the moment.

As we can't name suppliers on the open forum I will close your post to replies and if anyone can help they will send you a private message.

As a precaution you may wish to contact a member of the Admin team to ensure any information you have been sent is for a genuine supplier as we have recently had some spammers reaching out by PM linking to suppliers known to have let people down.

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