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Where to buy t3 without a prescription

Hi, I was diagnosed with Hashimotos 3 years ago, and been taking 125mcg of thyroxine. I’m still symptomatic so asked my GP about t3. She’s says she’s willing to do the tests to see what the levels are, but not to prescribe it.

I’ve told her that I’m willing to buy online if needs be, and she’s agreed to help with with dosage etc to make sure I’m not taking too much, which is good.

I’m having a blood test this week, and seeing GP next week, and would like to go armed with some information on where to get different t3 from.

Please can people private message me reputable websites where I can buy both synthetic or natural t3?


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I think it's remiss of your GP not to prescribe T3 or to refer you to an endocrinologist who can prescribe T3 if you need it. Why don't you post your thyroid results and ranges to see whether you need T3 or whether a Levothyroxine dose increase is needed.

There is no such thing as natural T3. There is synthetic Liothyronine (T3) or there is natural dessicated thyroid extract (NDT) which contains T4 and T3 hormone from pig thyroid.

Hypothyroid patients are often low/deficient in ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate which can present symptoms similar to hypothyroid symptoms so you might want to ask your GP to test.

Thanks. My GP has tested all those things at my request, and I’m having T3 tested on Wednesday. All levels were fine. I’ve been taking Vit D regularly anyway

My last TSH was 2.2, and t4 was 15. Based on that we increased my thyroxine.

It was the NDT that I meant. I understand why my gp won’t prescribe it, and she says there aren’t any consultants in my area that are willing to prescribe. It seems like there are fewer and fewer that are. I have thought about going privately but then I’d probably have to get a private prescription which costs more anyway.


NDT isn't licensed for UK use so it is rarely prescribed on the NHS and most members using it have private prescriptions or buy online and self medicate.

Why don't you wait and see how you feel a couple of months after the thyroxine dose increase? If you don't feel well you can write a post asking members to send you a private message stating where you can source NDT without prescription.

The increase was 4 months ago, as well as an increase in my symptoms, which is why I’m asking for best places to buy t3 online.



So what are your thyroid levels after the dose increase?

Hi. I am in Scotland and going through the very same. Last march I was in America and was given a 3 month prescription of T3 and Levo was reduced to 100mcg from 125mcg. Over the 3months I lost weight without diet change and felt great. On return to Scotland I had bloods and my levels were spot on... first time in 6 years. My gp cannot prescribe T3. A year on I am heading to docs for bloods, a stone and a half heavier. Having T3 tested again but gp has already told me she cannot prescribe T3.I even brought Dr. Tofts research paper on T3 for Support. (He is an EDINBURGH Endocrinologist. This time however if needs be I will source it online as I am the only person who consistently gains on slimming world. My weight is uncontrollable and I am so frightened I will end up with diabetes or worse. My glucose and cholesterol are both high even though I eat really healthily and walk.

I am also trying to buy t3 need to find a supplier

Please see this post:


I shall now be closing this thread to replies.

I’ve just had my blood test results.

TSH 0.41 (0.27-4.5)

Free T4 19.6 (11-23)

Free T3 4.32 (3.1-6.8)

They were the only bloods the lab would do. Seeing my doc on Friday to discuss but would like some advice from you guys too- would I benefit from T3?

If you find where to buy fron could you let me know thank you

This post is 9 months old. You’d be better off reading the posting rules for tips like, starting your own post for a new supplier request. If you have no luck AFTER a few days please feel free to inbox me and I will share mine.

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