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Should I buy T3 online?


Hello all,

I'm new to this site and have found some of the threads really useful for making me think Levothyroxine.

I find it difficult to lose weight having an underactive thyroid and I get tired/dizzy easily. I've just read this very interesting article by a Scottish doctor:

I'm now wondering about ordering T3 online or if I should discuss this with my doctor (who may well tell me to stop looking online and trust the NHS medication). The problem seems to be that the NHS puts faith in big companies who provide the medicine and the apparent studies which prove their effectiveness... they make the money from their drug and have every interest in getting the 'right' result.

Does anyone buy T3 online or get prescribed from their doctor? I'm aware that T3 is commonly disregarded by doctors who say it's the T4 which is the barometer for regulating thyroid levels.

Any advice would be great.

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You may be finding it difficult to lose weight because you're not optimally medicated.

For members to make suggestions it would be helpful if you can post your thyroid test results (with ranges as they can differ depending on the lab) and say what dose of Levothyroxine you are on at the moment. If you are optimally medicated, have optimal levels of the important vitamins and minerals (Vit D, B12, ferritin and folate) to convert T4 to T3 then residual symptoms, including excess weight, should resolve. However, if your results show that everything is not as it should be, then members can advise whether the addition of T3 is what you need or suggest what supplements can help any deficiencies in Vits and Mins as a first step.

Fewer and fewer GPs are now prescribing T3 due to restrictions put on them by CCGs because of cost so it's likely that your GP won't prescribe it anyway.

Many of us buy T3 (and/or Natural Dessicated Thyroid) online and can point you in the right direction but it's best to know that you need it before proceeding.

Hi was wondering if anyone can tell me where and how I can buy t3 online as I have lost money ordering from company's online

Kathyhandis in reply to Shug1974

Sent you a message

Julie88 in reply to Kathyhandis

Hello. Could you message me too. I have been suffering badly on T4 only for 4 years. No one believes I need T3 and most my doctors won't even read the information, I print and take to my appointments x

Madge72 in reply to Julie88

Can you PM me too please

rickb in reply to Kathyhandis

please could you message me too? thank you

Jas79 in reply to Kathyhandis

Can you pm me please with where i can buy t3. Thanks you.

Kira777 in reply to Kathyhandis

Could you please message me too? Thanks

Afshan64 in reply to Kathyhandis

Could you send me a msg too please

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Shug1974

It would be better if you posted your latest test results (with ranges) and what you are taking at the moment so members can give guidance of how you need to dose, whether you need to reduce Levo, etc. Some members have dived in with T3 and ended up very unwell.

Also, you need vitamins and minerals all at optimal levels for any thyroid hormone to work, and conversion to take place. Have you had them tested? Post results and if there are any low levels we can help with suggestions for optimising them. The building blocks need to be put in place first or nothing will work properly.

Try sea kelp it reduced my levels gave more energy improved skin nails hair because of iodine check Google for information

Treepie in reply to estelle08

Taking iodine if hypothyroid and on levo is probably a bad idea.Anyone who does take iodine needs to take selenium.

Hidden in reply to Treepie

My experience is that if you have Hashimoto's disease, then you should not take iodine. Every time I've tried it (even hidden in multivitamin pills) it has caused symptoms like those you display when you are coming down with a strep throat...symptoms went away within a couple of days after stopping all supplements.

greygoose in reply to estelle08

And you should get tested before supplementing iodine because excess iodine can have all sorts of undesirable effects.

estelle08 in reply to greygoose

Hi my gp kept saying borderline or no problem get tested you may be the same however I knew that small dose over 6 weeks with retest would show improvement or not my has improved by 0.9 reducing the number to 1.10 from 2.22 and I feel better

greygoose in reply to estelle08

Ummm... What are we talking about here? TSH? Well, it would go down, wouldn't it. Is 2.22 the highest your TSH has been? If so, you were very lucky to get a trial of Levo. How small was the dose? Have your FT4 and FT3 been tested? We really do need all the details to be able to help. At the moment, we're just guessing.

greygoose in reply to greygoose

Sorry, estelle, I'm confusing you with the OP. Foggy Sunday morning!

OK, so you're talking about a small dose of iodine. Well, of course it lowered your TSH, and made you feel better. Because it stimulated the thyroid - with a TSH of 2.22, your gland is obviously struggling. But, it won't last. It's just a temporary effect. If your problem isn't iodine deficiency - which you won't know until you get it tested - it will not help long-term. And stimulating a struggling gland, is not the way to go. It's like flogging a struggling donkey, eventually, you will just hasten its demise.

I have a theory that as levo is T4 alone it makes you store fat. Levo =storage hormone makes you store whatever you eat as fat.

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Don't think so, Glynisrose. No connection.

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Like you I have been on Levo for about 3years and my symptoms of weight gain and lethargy have not improved. Due to what I have read on this site I decided to google Unipharma T3 last week. I purchased 30 tablets for £21 from an online uk steroid site. After taking first one at bedtime I slept better and next day had more energy. My sugar cravings have decreased too. I have kept taking my 50g of T4 at bedtime too, on an empty stomach and never within an hour of drinking coffee. It's a travesty that the NHS gp s are not able to willingly prescribe T3 which could improve greatly the lives of many hypothyroid sufferers

Thanks for your post. Have you continued with these online T3 and has it produced a continued improvement for you? Would be very tempted to try some too and maybe feel an improvement in health at last. I too have been diagnosed as hypo thyroid . And for about 20 years have been chugging along on ever increasing doses of Levotyroxine ( to keep TSH down which is all GP cares about) but in reality feel underpar all the time with most of the symptoms described on this brilliant site. Any advice appreciated, especially about sourcing T3 and giving it a try. Thanks

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