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Where Can I Buy T3 Online

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Hi folks, Please can somebody provide me with a trusted source to buy T3 online... I've heard I should try Mexico or Greece... Advice welcome :)

Recommendations via private messages please in line with posting guideline #23, thank you.


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Welcome to the forum, Pat2503.

Members are more likely to respond if you give a little background information saying whether, or how long, you've been diagnosed and whether you are prescribed Levothyroxine.

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Pat2503 in reply to Clutter

I have been prescribed Levithyroxine for 5 years. For my underactive Thyroid, Alternating daily between 25mg one day and the next 50mg. I am extremely active person yet 2 stone overweight. Over the years I have become constantly fatigued. First thing in the morning I am plagued with aches and pains. Recently I met a lady who told of how she had been in the same position until her discovery of T3. The lady recommend the forum to me so here I am.

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Clutter in reply to Pat2503

Pat, do you have recent thyroid results with the lab ref ranges you can post? Sounds like you may not be optimally medicated but having the results will help advise on T3 dosing.

If you are in UK you could ask your GP. Mine prescribes a few people in the practice with T3. on prescription.

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You will need to be prepared to investigate other payment methods because neither credit card companies nor PayPal will allow their payment facilities to be used to pay for prescription medicines.

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