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GTF Chromium advice please

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I wondered if anyone has any advice who supplements with GTF Chromium please and how much per day?

I recently took a food intolerance test and turns out I have a leaky gut and intolerant to yeast, cheese, yogurt, oranges, coffee, vinegars. ..anything that ferments.

Going to get retested at end of October.

She said I was low on Chromium and as I am supplementing with the following...just wanted your experience about when to take it (if it clashes with the timings of other vitamins)

6am 1.5 NDT split and then again 1 x 65mg grain at 11.30 am

8am probiotic 1x tablet 4 billion

10.30 B12 (1000 micrograms) & B Complex

4pm Vitamin D (2,000iu) & K2 90yg

10.00 pm Zinc (15mg) & Magnesium citrate 150mg

It's 1 x 200 yg GFT Chromium and wondered if this is a safe dose and best time to take it?

Feeling better on the other supplements, the chromium is supposed to help with sugar cravings but don't know enough about this supplement.

Any help/thoughts would be much appreciated 😊...thanks

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I supplement with chromium 800 mcg per day. I take it because from time to time I have blood vessels that break in my finger and hand. Chromium strengthens blood vessels. I live here in the states and the kind that we get just at the local drugstore is chromium picolinate. It does help suppress the appetite assisting with blood sugar metabolism - it increases efficiency. I too have Hashimoto’s and probably leaky gut and have not had the testing but try to stay away from gluten. I also take digestive enzymes and proteolytic enzyme‘s. If it has to do with metabolism and digestion - I know I probably need help! Anyway I’ve been taking chromium for at least five years with good results. It’s an expensive here and it works very well. No busted blood vessel’s when I take it and yes, it does help with blood sugar metabolism and appetite control. The label directions advise taking it with food and most the time I don’t but I do take it with other supplements that include fish oil.

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Anniejw in reply to dtate2016

Hi and thanks for letting us know your experience of supplementing with Chromium. ...sounds like it has helped you which is good news. I will give it a go and hopefully it will curb my sugar cravings. Thanks again 😊

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Did you have a comprehensive stool analysis analysis test or just an allergy test? Also did they test your chromium levels?

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It was an intolerance test via a dietx machine and it came up that I was low in chromium, B12 and Vit D ...I'm already supplementing with B12 & D as they came up very deficient via a blood test recently. So I will now add Chromium to see if things improve.

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