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please pM me your thiroyd source! I appreciate it and thank you :)


like the title says. I settled on thiroyd over thyroid-S but there are a handful of sources on google and I'm not sure which are reputable. thanks so much in advance!

eta: Also.. just read another post where someone said it's not possible to pay via credit card anymore for thiroyd -- is this true? Is it all bank account or what?

also: i have hashimoto's thyroiditis and my last doctor appointment was with a new doctor that didn't tell me anything about my labs except that my tsh was 10.60 and my t4 was in normal range. synthroid has been useless for me over the years as hypothyroid :[

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It's correct that you can't pay by credit card or PayPal, they no longer allow payment for medications, it's been this way for some time. The suppliers have payment methods involving Bitcoin and other similar methods, not familiar with them myself though.

Anyone who can help faeground with a supplier, please respond by private message as we can't name sources of supply on the open forum.

I will close the post to replies so that no information is inadvertently posted here.

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