Please PM your experiences?

Anyone seen Dr Lindsay George in Cardiff? Please PM me with your feedback, as I am thinking of getting an appt. Talking of which, if anyone knows how to get an appt with a private endo, given I don't have private health insurance, I would really appreciate some detailed instructions! :)

Thank you muchly

Super parrot xx

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You don't need health insurance to consult with a private endo but do need the means to pay for it. Most charge about £200.00 an hour but this is obviously variable and the chosen endo's secretary would be able to give more info.

Some private endos require a referral from your GP.


Thank you! Yes, I hope I won't need a referral because I don't think I'll get one! But thankfully it seems I might have a little financial respite soon (fingers crossed...) so hopefully I can afford it ok to just email the secretary and ask questions or is that bad form?! Thanks ever so much for your time and patience xx


That is absolutely the right thing to do.

Remember to ask if endo has an interest in your health condition and if he prescribes T3 ,explain you are self paying and confirm the cost and duration of the first consultation.

If endo requires a referral explain this is difficult, as sometimes they will still see you.

Gather as much info as you can to take with you (test results, dates when conditions started, etc). I always email mine ahead so endo has time to study my notes before I arrive. You could ask the secretary if this is ok.

Be honest about your previous medical history and show you have turned a corner and want to get well.

During the consultation explain you have limited funds and ask if it is possible for your bloods to be done by your GP and any further investigative tests to be carried out on the National Health. (You will have to find a cooperative GP.) Private blood tests are expensive and will be ongoing all the time you are having private treatment.

I have had previous serious troubles on thyroid meds and wanted monitoring with my introduction to T3 and have been lucky enough to have it prescribed on the NHS (so far). However, be prepared to experience difficulties as even if you find a sympathetic endo, you will need a supportive doctor and an agreeable CCG to actually get the meds.

Just taking these positive steps is such progression.

Good luck, Flo

Thank you so much, this info is invaluable to me! This is going to be quite a project, ha ha :) sorry to keep asking more questions, but what if I can't find a supportive GP? Also, how would I do that - would I just see a GP, tell them I had seen the endo and ask them for a prescription?! I have never had to do all these things before, I'm a bit of a beginner lol.

Thanks again xx

If this were me I would find a GP first whom I liked first.

This way you would be able to get a referral (GP's are usually fine referring to a private specialist) and have the link between doctor and endo established straight away.

This will enable you to hopefully still make use of the National Health Service for any blood tests, etc and the all important prescriptions (hopefully) that endo agreeds to.

Finding a (nice) GP can be a mission in itself .. but these challenges are there to be overcome superparrot.

We have all been there so ask as many questions as you please. .. 😉 .. 2016 is gonna be good !

Remember everything takes time so patience will be the essence.


Thanks! I have been off radar over the last day or so, hence my late reply to you...that sounds like a good way to go about things though it may not be so much fun in practice ha ha :D thanksfor all your help, appreciated hugely xx

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