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lab results and so scared I cant stop crying...any advices will be much appreciated thank you

Tsh 10

Free T4 13.08 pmol

Free T3 4.01 pmol

Tag 31.6

Tpo 1400

D3 vitamin 15.5

B12 310

Ferritin 70

Iron 68

I am feeling pretty bad my endo's appoinment is tomorrow and I will start to take erfa thyroid or a combo with T4 +T3. I am taking now only 25 mcg of levo because y get too mucch reverse taking 50 mcg it seems that I can not convert properly the T4. I am so scared to start taking T3 I read and I know the issue about the adrenals and this illness is gggoing to end my entire life, thanks for your replies in advance I really need them.

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I was scared of taking T3 too at first, but it is life changing. It is tricky to get it right, but I don't regret it for a minute. I can't advise you on the test results, but you know what they say - tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. Good luck with your Endo appointment, hope you're soon feeling much better.

Please don't panic. Your results are showing some things that can be sorted out.

Although you haven't given reference ranges (please add them if you have them - it makes it easier to translate :) ) I can see that your vitamin D is likely too low, as is your B12. Hopefully your doctor will prescribe D3 tablets to rectify this. Vitamin D is important for keeping inflammation under control. This could also explain why you are not doing well on levothyroxine. Some people find that their antibodies reduce once their vitamin D levels are better. Hopefully that will happen with you too as your antibodies are quite high. Vitamin D deficiency also carries symptoms very similar to those of hypothyroidism and can make you feel very unwell. Once the deficiency is sorted out you should hopefully see some improvement in your symptoms.

Your B12 is near the bottom of the ranges that I am used to (of course your range might be different). You might find you benefit from taking a vitamin B12 supplement. This should be taken with the other B vitamins, especially folic acid, for your body to use it properly. Low B12, even if it is within the reference range, can leave you feeling very poorly.

Your iron is looking pretty good. Again, I am translating without reference ranges so I could be wrong.

If you are taking T3 under the care of a doctor, you should be fine. I take T3 only (can't tolerate any T4 in any form at the moment) and I am quite well with this. I do hope to add some T4 eventually, once all other issues are sorted out. Hopefully the Erfa or T4/T3 combination will help you. It will take time but things can get very much better.

Carolyn x

Sorry I forgot references

B12 310 (179-1162)

D3 15,5 defficient < 10.00

Insufficient 10.00 to 30.00

Enough 30 to 100

Toxity >100

Iron 68 (36 -184)

Free T3 4.01 pmol (2.62 to 5.69)

Free T4 13.68 pmol (9 to 21)

Tpo 1400 (>5.6 positive)

Tag 31,6 (>4.1 positive)

I appreciate all your responses. I am living in spain at the moment but in april I will be moving to Bristol due to my job, and I am scared that I will not beable to have a normal life, I am 26 years old and I havent started to have a life yet and now this happens...

Thanks for posting the ranges. That confirms what I thought and posted above. Hopefully once these things are sorted out you will respond well to your thyroid medication and will be able to lead a normal life :)

Carolyn x

I couldn't tolerate T4 monotherapy but am getting well on T4+T3 combination and was fine on T3 only inbetween surgery and RAI. It can take up to a year to get your medication stabilised but you will get there.

My D3 was deficient but loading doses for a week and 2 months maintenance doses brought me up in range and made me feel so much better, particularly improving my low mood.

Get as much sunshine as possible in sunny Espana before coming to Bristol, although we have be promised a sizzling spring :)

Do they measure Vitamin D -- the usual 25(OH) test -- in ng/mL in Spain?

not our usual nmol/l. So 15.5ng/ml is c. 39nmol/l (still inadequate).

(and any toxicity, which is very rare, only shows above 100ng/ml which is 250nmol/l) J :D

Thank you very much Carolyn I hope this will happen soon and I will be able to have a normal life again.

There is nothing to be scared about taking T3. Many people recover their health on it and I am grateful for it.

This is for your information and I am sure it will reassure you plus giving you information.

I hope you feel better soon.

Thank you very much shaws I read it yesterday and I am totally agree to use it, If not I will regret all my entire life I guess..

Like others here I found t3 gave me light at the end of the tunnel. Levo only restored maybe 20% of wellbeing. It wasn't until I took t3 that I began to feel good.

Keep in mind that it could be that your mood has been affected by your thyroid issues and this may be behind why you're so upset. When I was undermedicated I felt sad, panicky and like the world was against me. T3 gave me some spark and optimism.

I don't feel particularly well now but that's nothing to do with my t3 - it's my busted thyroid. :-) x

Than you for all your replies. I am feeling a little better today, my biig sympton is my terrible vertigos and headhaches, they started six month later I started taking 75 mcg levo and That was in 2012 imagine almost two years with vertigo and headhaches and my gp in spain saying that I had depression and it was everything in my I started to investigate about hypo and now I know it much better but it still freaking me out...thank you again yesterday I had a better time reading all your replies..

Be wary of the GP's-they seem to have very little training in Thyroid issues and often resort to the "Hysterical woman...Depressed" diagnosis when you are concerned for your health, quality of life and ability to cope. Sites like this and other patient advocacy sites are fantastic support and you can write in anytime for support. Best of luck with it all.

Calm Little Flower,

There are good people in Bristol that can help you - thyroid uk can recommend them. Stay with this site - we will all help you. XX

Thanks sheenah that's what I really need and I would like to help others in the same feel a deep empty inside you the first time when doctor said ''you have hypothiroidism''and you dont really know what to do but them everything keep back to normally :-) but it's really hard for you and people around you.

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