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Endocrinologist recommendations (PM me please)

Hi everyone

I'm trying to find a London-based endocrinologist or enlightened doctor, sympathetic to thyroid and metabolic disorders for my youngest sister.

Our family has a very strong history of auto-immune disorders, especially thyroid. Our Dad is Hyperthyroid, our Mum is Hypothyroid, I am Hypothyroid and another sister is also Hypothyroid!

The youngest sister clearly is too. She's 27 and her blood tests are 'NHS normal' but both T3 and T4 are very bottom of the range and TSH is climbing. She's putting on weight, eats basically nothing and works out all the time. She's exhausted and miserable, it's making me really sad that the NHS are going to make her go through the same battles I had to go through to get treated and are going to make her get so ill before she gets medicine. It's very obvious what is wrong with her. She slaves away as an NHS paediatric nurse but they're not looking after her.

Sadly, my endo wouldn't treat her yet which I was disappointed with but there we go.

I am now on the hunt for someone else in London (private or NHS) so please let me know, by private message, rather than on the chat forum of anyone with whom you've had a positive experience.

I'd be very grateful for any help you can give.


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Email for a list of member recommended endos.

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Hi Leonie,

I've pm ' d you.


If it were Cambridge, i'd say Dr Mark Gurnell at CUH. He teaches at Camridge University and also has both Private and NHS clinics...


Hi Leonie

I've also PM'd you mine. He does prescribe NDT as well.....


Please can you PM me that info TupennyRush. Is this chap NHS as well as private please?


He us NHS and private but has told me that he's not allowed to prescribe ndt when he's working in the NHS. I see him privately and have sent you his details by DM

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