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New bloods since starting NDT


So my private endo prescribed me NDT as I was feeling awful on Levo and I have to say I am feeling so much better than I was. Not perfect as still suffer a few symptoms such as cold and tired but nowhere near as bad as I was 😀

I've had my first set of bloods done since starting and they are as follows

TSH 1.01 (0.27-4.20)

T4 13.9 (11.0-25.0)

T3 7.8 (3.1-6.8)

My NHS endo (who is monitoring me) is happy with these results even tho my T3 is above range.

My issue is that I took my NDT 2 hours before the tests so could this have skewed the results?

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Are you in UK? Was only your private endo able to prescribe you NDT?

Witchgurl31 in reply to Sveistre

Yes I'm in Wales and yes only my private endo. My NHS endo wouldn't prescribe me NDT or T3

Sveistre in reply to Witchgurl31

But as far as I read NDT is still covered by NHS am I right? So you need to see you private endo every month or so to get a new prescription or it comes differently from Levo let’s say?

Witchgurl31 in reply to Sveistre

My gp and endo will only prescribe Levo hence why I went private. My NHS endo is happy to monitor me on ndt with blood tests and such. I spk with my private endo once every few months and she gets a copy of my results and we discuss how I feel in order to adjust meds. I got a 2 month prescription last time and she will give me a 4 month 1 this time

Sveistre in reply to Witchgurl31

Ok I see, but do you pay yourself for NDT or is it still on exemption through NHS?

Witchgurl31 in reply to Sveistre

I pay for it myself


Your Endocrinologist seems knowledgeable. The fact is that the blood tests were introduced along with levothyroxine (T4) therefore any blood tests we have when we add T3 to T4 or take NDT, cannot correlate at all and it should be based on how we 'feel' on particular dose, the ultimate aim is symptom-free.

One of our Advisers (now deceased) only took an initial blood test for diagnosis and thereafter took none at all and concentrated on patient improving.

Yes, taking your NDT 2 hours before test would probably make Free T3 appear higher than it usually is. Probably wouldn't affect free T4.

I thought as much, thank you. Would it appear much higher?

Hard to say, but I found a study that said "Triiodothyronine concentrations peaked at 2.5 hours following liothyronine administration. Heart rate increased by 5 hours after liothyronine administration, subsequently reaching a value higher than baseline (p value 0.009). Suppression of thyroid stimulating hormone concentrations began at 2 hours. "

Sounds like my tsh and t3 will have been properly skewed with the timing then! Oh well I'll get them redone soon and ensure I don't take my meds beforehand. We live and learn 😊

This is very interesting! I asked my GP at what point is T3 was out of range if T4 is still in range and didn’t get a response. My T3 is 6.3 and my T4 was 22 my Doctor was concerned because I was at the very top of both ranges and wanted me to drop my Levo even though I feel better than I’ve felt for the last three years.

I refused but over the last few days I’ve been worrying myself sick so I cut my Levo by 25mcg to see what would happen. I feel absolutely awful, all my joints are killing me and it’s hard to walk. I am now going back to my usually dose after reading your post. Thanks for posting! 💐

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