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Ndt increase new bloods


Hello again, after increasing my ndt to 2.5 grains split twice daily 6 weeks ago I have my latest nhs blood results. As usual any advice is much appreciated. I feel reasonably well most of the time, better then I have for as long as I can remember but think I could increase my dose another half a grain maybe? I took this test at 8.30am with last ndt at 5pm the day before, and stopped my b complex and magnesium two weeks before hand.

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You left too long between last dose of NDT and blood draw, it should be 8-12 hours, so your FT3 result is showing lower than what is probably is. There may be room for an increase but at this stage it should only be 1/4 of a grain, not half a grain. If you are going to increase, then retest 6-8 weeks later but make sure that the timing of your last dose is within the recommended window of 8-12 hours.

Your folate level is low, it's recommended to be at least half way through range. You only have to leave off your B Complex for 7 days, but to be honest I don't think the extra week will have made much difference to your result. Which B Complex are you taking and how much methylfolate is in it? There's no need to leave off magnesium.

Your B12 is a low, recommended is at least 550ng/L. How much methylcobalamin (B12) is in your B Complex?

It’s been such a manic week that I totally forgot to not take my afternoon dose and took as normal so didn’t want to take any more and give a false reading. I take igennus super b complex 900ug is the amount of methylcobalamin per dose but after just reading the small print I see that I should be taking 1 tablet twice a day, I only currently take one 😩 I will increase immediately. What should I take to help with folate?

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to dizzy1979

Igennus Super B at the recommended dose of 2 tablets gives 900mcg methylcobalamin and 400mcg methylfolate so you've obviously been getting only half of those amounts. If you increase to 2 tablets a day then that should raise your folate and B12 levels. I would retest again in, say 3 months, and if they've not improved much then I'd change brands. I raised my bottom of range folate level to top of range in 2.5 months with 1 x capsule of Thorne Basic B daily.

Oh that’s very interesting, I will look into Thorne basic b daily, do they taste and smell as evil as igennus? I don’t know why I have only ever taken one? I’m sure that’s what would have been recommend to me when I asked? Maybe not, my brain fog was in full flow at the time of switching, I may have just totally forgotten? I feel like a complete twat now though! In regard to my thyroid levels do you think it’s best to stay as I am rather then increasing at all?

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to dizzy1979

I've not tried Igennus B Complex so no idea about taste and smell. Thorne is a capsule so the ingredients are enclosed within the capsule shell so there is no actual taste or smell like there might be with a tablet. The Thorne Basic B has 400mcg methylfolate and 400mcg methylcobalamin per 1 x capsule (recommended dose), so the methylcobalamin is less than the recommended dose of 2 x Igennus. I'd finish your Igennus first to get that boost of B12 then decide.

It's hard to say what to do about your NDT dose as you took your last dose 15.5 hours before test. Maybe just increase by 1/4 grain for now and see where your levels lie in 6-8 weeks. If you feel overmedicated you can always drop back.

Thank you, I will continue as I am with the pungent ingennus twice a day and see how I feel. I don’t think I will increase my ndt for now hopefully the full dose of b complex will improve my tiredness early evening.

dizzy1979 in reply to dizzy1979

Thank you again for your help and advice x

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to dizzy1979

Igennus really don't have any smell....or not that I have ever noticed

It's a small, hard tablet.

dizzy1979 in reply to SlowDragon

Orange in colour? Mine smell horrible. Maybe I got a bad batch.

I don't think you have a "bad batch", they do have a distinct odour which I don't happen to mind, maybe because I love Marmite ❤️😊

🤣 yes I think your right it is kind of marmite but worse.... however I do love a slice of marmite toast, I shall think of this next time I take one 👏🏻

If you're going to increase, I would only increase by 1/4 grain, if I were you. 1/2 would probably take your FT3 over the top. :)

dizzy1979 in reply to greygoose

I don’t think I will increase. Hopefully taking the full dose of b complex will improve my tiredness.


If we take NDT or T3 added to T4 the blood results cannot correlate as the blood tests were introduced for T4 alone. This link may be helpfu i.e. Safely Getting Well with Thyroid Hormonesl:-



What about vitamin D levels?

dizzy1979 in reply to SlowDragon

That wasn’t tested this time, I was deficient last year but managed to get that back up by February to a “normal “ range.

Sandria in reply to dizzy1979

I was going to ask about D3 . Normal range means not a lot. People need to be optimal especially us.

D3 supplementation is for life. Defiency mimics most thyroid symptoms.

With D3 also need K2 and magnesium.

Or will help with energy

dizzy1979 in reply to Sandria

I have a vit d spray that I was taking daily until I went away at Easter and forgot to take and haven’t had since. I will fish it out from the bottom of my bag and resume taking. Thank you.

You need 10,000 iu D3 with cofactors magnesium which I think you already take but it also needs k2-mk7 xx

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