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Does anyone use Better You Iron Spray? If so could you share your experience πŸ™‚

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I was wondering if any Better You Iron spray users are finding 5mg daily dose enough? Kipsy & I have been talking & both need 20mg. We wondered as it's directly absorbed into the bloodstream would it be as effective as taking a 20mg tablet.

We also wondered as it's directly absorbed do we still need to leave a 4 hr window between that & NDT or T3 &T4 or T3 or T4 only treatments.

I used to take Iron & calcium at night & my body didn't seem to mind, then I had a little break from it. I've started Iron again at night (taking calcium in day) this week but it's keeping me up in the night. It's seems I'm intolerant to it at night.

Now I'm about to start using NDT for the first time and would be relieved if the 4 hour window wasn't a big deal with using an iron spray. I like my tea & GF treats in the afternoon & it would be so inconvenient!

I love to eat pΓ’te, so I'm making sure I'm getting Iron from my food.

Anyone's experience's & advice would be most appreciated πŸ™‚

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I cannot answer your query about iron supplements.

You can also nibble seeds/nuts etc all day and this is a list of iron-rich foods.

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Thank you Shaws.

I read the link & admittedly I don't eat enough seeds & nuts. I just have ground flaxseed on my cereal. I'll buy some next time I'm shopping.

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