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anyone on liquid T4 and if so, does it work for you?

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I have a problem with absorption it seams, have been self medicating about 4 months on NDT. It's been suggested i may do better on liquid t4, but i'm not keen.

At present i have suppressed tsh, high t3 ( 9.1 when the range is 3.5 - 6.5) and low t4 (13 When the range is 9 - 25) The test was done hours after a dose - i had no idea i was going to be tested - long story, so not too concerned about hight t3

Was feeling good for a while on ndt, but now tired again and peeling skin on face for last month. Maybe i'll up my dose?

Advice welcome, i also have iron def anaemia (take big dose daily but don't absorb it), persistent neutropenia, pernicious anaemia and coeliac.

11 Replies
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Hi Bluedaffodil, I was taking Eltroxin liquid until a few weeks ago but had to stop as I was having the same lousiness / toxicity feeling as when I was taking Levo Thyroxine. Now investigating vitamin and mineral deficiency in case this is my problem. I have Hashimoto's and gluten sensitivity. I take adrenal supplements. My last thyroid blood test revealed that my TSH was 128 and my T4 was <5. Two doctors that I have seen recently were confused as they thought I should have looked very unwell and basically unable to function! But I definitely feel worse taking T4. I'm not sure about NDT, I tried it a few years ago and it didn't do it for me but it was when my adrenals were kaput so might give it another try once I get blood test results back and get some advice from this site. Do you take your iron at a different time from your thyroid meds? Have you tried taking iron with fresh orange juice? There is a good liquid iron supplement available in that big high street pharmacy but I can't remember the name of it. Sorry not much help. Keep trying new things and listen to your body. Take care of you.

Thanks for replying - yes i take iron well away from ndt.

I think i'll stick to self med with ndt. I won't switch to liquid unless they offer me a t3/t4 liquid.

It's difficult affording all these supplements. I literally fund and manage everything myself. NHS beyond useless. Own NDT, own b12 ampoules, own g free foods, own liquid calcium, adrenal and thyroid glandulars, etc. You wouldn't think i was a taxpayer!

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Hi I had a big problem with absorption for a long time. I found it was all down to a rotten pancreas. Mine is lots of things but amongst other tests had a Faecal Elastine test ( a special stool test ) , it was my endo who realised not my gastro-enterologist ! As far as the absorption goes I now have enzymes from the GP, they have to be taken about 20mins before food. They can safely be bought, I am told, from Holland and Barrat as they are NOT drug and purely help absorption.


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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Jackie

Details of the faecal elastase test:

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Hi Bluedaffodil,

Have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar to help with absorption? It's mentioned in the STTM book, I'm taking it now with my supplements, but have yet to do tests yet.

I have stopped having heartburn since taking it and it helps with so many things so might be worth a try as is fairly cheap too.


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LouiseRoberts in reply to Dannia

Hi Nikki

Bluedaff has replied below...


Interesting. How much apple cider vinegar and when?

I know i have achlorydia, but my GP is being difficult about prescribing Kreon. A specialist has now asked her to so maybe she will.

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LouiseRoberts in reply to

Just a pointer. If you want to reply to someone directly, you have to click on 'reply to this', otherwise they will not get an email telling them that you have responded.



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Dannia in reply to

Thanks Isangel :)

Well on my bottle it states 2 tbls in warm water, but I stopped taking that much, I just take 1 tsp in cold water directly before I take any medication.

Braggs from the US is apparently the best (you can get it on Amazon) and it's important to have it with 'mother' and that it's organic.

I bought Bobby's from Devon on Amazon.

Apparently lemon juice is good for absorption issues too.

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Apple cider vinegar has been mentioned alot on here - NaamiSue swears by it (not literally).

Here's a very interesting link with all the benefits of apple cider vinegar and how to use it.

Moggie x

Thanks all, v interesting

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