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Does anyone use armour thyroid and if so what are your thoughts?

I have been struggling with the usual symptoms of an under active thyroid for some years now and I have come to the end of my tether. I am happy to go private, just to try and get some answers. The medical model is not working for me and I am even happy to try some of the so called "natural" remedies. Anyone had any experience of these, especially the shunned Armour thyroid?

Many thanks

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Hi there! Are you taking anything at the moment? Have you had any blood tests done?


After reading 'Stop the Thyroid Madness' at Christmas for the same reasons you have stated, I went in pursuit of Armour through recommended Consultant from internet lists and was again deeply disappointed by the experience. Just posted my situation through this site. The issue it would seem from my experience is getting it prescribed to try! Success seems to be individual but oh to have the opportunity to see if it works. Good luck and I too await to hear the experience of others.



I do take levothyroxine 175mg and have been for about 10 years. (I was diagnosed at 17) I have had some recent blood tests and my range was "normal" I do not know my levels unfortunately, although I am tempted to go and ask.

I have been told to stay away from sea kelp from friends, but hear coconut oil might help?

It's the tiredness and the muscle ache that is getting me down.



Hi Sazzie, always ask the surgery for a copy of your blood test results for your own records. They cannot refuse - we are entitled to them. Some surgeries may ask for a nominal sum, but mine doesn't. It is very important to know our own results as what is 'normal to GP' doesn't mean it's normal for us. We need enough medication to make us feel well, not just enough to keep our TSH in a level.

If you haven't had a blood test for Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done as we are usually deficient which, in themselves, can give us symptoms.

We also need to have sufficient vitamins and minerals are important too especially the ones that help to convert T4 to T3.


Thank you Susie, it does sound like it is going to be an uphill battle just to get it prescribed. I would be interested to know how you get on & will read your post.


My husband and my daughter are all the proof needed of the immense difference that Armour/NDT makes versus chemical Thyroxine or T3

PM me for sources

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Hi Shaws

I am due back week after next for yet more blood tests and so hopefully I can get the results of both these and my previous. I will book in with the doc and try to convince her to check my Vit D ect at the same time. Many thanks for the information. Although I have been diagnosed for some time I have only just started to look in to this (I thought I was forever doomed to feel tired and achey)

Is there any truth to the rumours about coconut oil does anyone know?

Again many thanks


I have been in levothyroxine and never felt quite right but was best on a dose I was told was too high for me. I have had endless hypo symptoms on the lower dose and recently I decided to try some NDT - it is thyroidS not armour. I take a quarter grain and reduced Levo by 25mg and started feeling loads better really quickly! I was delighted but I tried upping another quarter grain and felt exhausted and not right so I have stopped at the lower dose for now. It has really smoothed the rough edges of Levo and for the first time in 3 years I actually feel like me again if that makes any sense. For me NDT has been very successful and on only a little bit too!


Just a random query that I thought of while reading this thread...if you take NDT do you still get free prescriptions? That is the only good thing about this hideous condition!


Hi infomaniac I thought if your GP did it as a named prescription you did but I have since read you have to pay for it so not sure on that one. It will be in the thyroid uk info pages I am sure some people here get it free in NHS. I just buy my own and self medicate - but conservatively I mostly still take levo (100mgc levo plus quarter grain thyroidS daily)


Hi TSH, sorry I didn't explain myself properly. What I really meant was would you have to pay for other prescriptions (for things other than thyroid problems)?


Armour is brilliant! It hasn't made me completely better but it is so much better for me than thyroxine was. Seems there isn't enough T3 in it for me personally but it's definitely worth giving it a go to see how it is for you. I don't have a bad word to say about it! :-)


The NHS exemption certificate (which you must apply for and renew every five years) for those with hypothyroid (and some other conditions than need life long medication in order to stay alive) covers you for all prescribed medicines so you do not pay for anything the doctor writes you a prescription for be it thyroxine or something else.


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