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Who's Smarter? Your gut or your brain?

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I used a supplement which was helpful so I found the doctor on you tube and listened to him answer questions regarding gut health and the microbiome. It's a bit scientific but the explanations are clear. Glyphosate (Agent Orange, Round Up) is an antibiotic which kills that which helps our gut provide serotonin and dopamine.

Autism had doubled between 2012 and 2015

It's a fascinating discussion about what is happening to our brain in regard to neuropsychoendocrinology.


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You will have a much better understanding as to how we fit into our environment. We have 20,000 genes but a flea has more. We are vastly outnumbered of our 70 trillion by 15 times more bacteria, 300,000 parasites, fungi and viruses and they are not BAD.

He gives solutions.

We know what is the basis of disease and you will have a better understanding of why.

Not long ago it was on the news that we are less of human than we thought , we are more of bacteria. I did know for example how important gut bacteria is but that made me think deep. I have always said it doesn't matter what we want , only it matters what our cells need to function. So if one wants to eat junk then go for it but it's not an good excuse just to say that you want it.

I doubt most people want to admit that we ran by something else than our brain :D we like to think we are superior to all life even though it's the bacteria, fungi and parasites that keep us up and going and control our wellbeing.

That should make us humble. When you nurture your gut bacteria and keep all the little guys happy as a thanks they keep you as healthy as possible.

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You got the message! The junk IN our food is a big problem. Antibiotics have been lifesaving but we have to realize they can also change us. The gray matter in our brain is nothing without the gut bacteria. I hope this knowledge will bring about treatments for Alzheimer's and autism because the statistics are horrifying.

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Justiina in reply to Heloise

I agree it's horrifying.

Mainstream medicine doesn't admit the current treatment is mostly just symptom based instead concentrating on strengthening the bacteria. All drugs are antagonists to nutrients and vitamins and alter the gut bacteria.

I am lacking enterobacteria based on stool test, not much information about it and how to fix it. But based on the little info I found enterobacteria is responsible for vitamin B's. My body can't take and make those B's that are made from that bacteria. Supplementing didn't fix it, I was put on B1, B6 and B12 injections which did the trick as it goes straight to mitochondria in the muscle where they are needed. It's possible my CFS was caused because of lacking that certain type of bacteria. I don't have overgrowth of any bad bacteria and all other bacteria were good and balanced.

I have had numerous courses if different antibiotics two decades ago and my gut didn't bounce back no matter I did. Probiotics probably didn't reach the target area. Fixing the missing link by yourself can be nearly impossible with just over counter probiotics so hopefully they do find the way to reimplement the proper bacteria , fecal transplant is not a solution for long term.

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Heloise in reply to Justiina

That bacteria is vital, Dr. O'Bryan mentioned that in his series. Do you have continual shots?

In the interview Bush mentions how to get biome from plants and air. Of course walking barefoot is good for you as well (not on a city sidewalk however). It's good we are finding these things out. I was impressed with Dr. Bush. He has a product Restoreforlife which I thought was effective.

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Justiina in reply to Heloise

At this point my doctor reckon shots are for life as my homocysteine rises if I am off of B12 but supplementing is costly compared to injections. Over here in Finland over counter vitamins are expensive. Pharmacist was shocked how much cheaper the injections are compared to pills and said it's good my doctor is this educated. Shots for a year costs the same than pills for a month.

Have to take a look at Dr O'Bryan and see what he says about the bacteria. My brain fog has lessened so much it's easier to concentrate!

Will also watch Dr Bush now that I can relax after doing some renovation.

Just past the one hour mark, Dr. Bush explains how cancer begins.

He also mentions the benefit of Bragg's unfiltered apple cider vinegar. It helps to start the breakdown of nutrients and even glyphosate.

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Mamapea1 in reply to Heloise

I was really pleased about that Heloise, as that's the ACV that I use!😊

Thank you for posting these helpful videos ~ I hope lots of members watch them. 🍄 x

Zack Bush on another interview with "Redefining Medicine with Zach Bush" is also courageous beyond being triple certified in medicine and formerly created chemotherapy but after learning so much about the microbiome is now deconstructing the medicine we know is not helping us and done it with great sacrifice. It's always this way with truth, isn't it?

He has a four minute workout on you tube and for we hypos it is a blessing that we can improve our health with this short workout. Nitric oxide is released in the first few minutes so that we do not need to spend hours at the gym. youtube.com/watch?v=PwJCJTo...

You have the most interesting posts! They are so helpful, thank you for sharing all this wonderful information

Thank you so much, Gigi. I've been helped so much myself. This is a wonderful place to learn and heal.

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