Leaky gut diet/constipation

This is my 8th week on the leaky gut diet. I never thought I could do it so I'm really proud of myself, and have lost 10lbs as well :-)

I had a session with a Kinesiologist last week who reckons whatever I'm doing is working as I no longer have leaky gut (?) and gave me a list of what I am and am not sensitive to, which was brilliant except for one thing. Constipation!! Since going gluten free I have been loads better than I ever was but now I'm not eating much fibre I am having real problems. I have been taking Mag citrate, but don't feel it's the answer as I have to take much more than is recommended to get any "movement".

Has anyone got any ideas please? I always abandon low carb diets for the same reason but really want to stick with this one for a while yet.

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  • Add in lots of VitC before sleep - it could help :-)

  • Thanks Marz. Can it be any sort of Vit C?

  • Take the one that suits you best. I don't think there is a lot of difference ... Lots of opinions out there so have a good look around the net and see which one appeals.

  • Hi infomaniac Mag citrate has a ''laxative" effect. Dr Myhill recommends 2000mg Vit C at bedtime to give a bowel movement in the morning and again this gives a laxative effect. It might be better to get your gut working itself. I have had a constipation problem for as long as I can remember and my practioner recommends Psyllium and Apple Pectin and I'm finding this helps. Have a look at the ingredients and see if it's something you would be able to take


    Despite what the instructions tell you to take, I only take one a day plus Vit C and 350mg mag citrate.

    Another one to look at is ortishealth.co.uk/product/f... Be careful if you want to try this. They make a range of cubes and most contain senna, that one doesn't and it's not so easy to find, this is one place that seems to have that particular one dolphinfitness.co.uk/en/ort...

    Do check though to ensure that all the ingredients are OK for you.

  • Thanks Susie. I take Solgar Mag citrate and instead of the 2 as recommended I have to take 5 and I worry about that a bit!

    I've tried Psyllium in the past but it bloated me to bits so I'll have to keep that on the burner for now.

    I had forgotten all about Ortis. I am going to order some now from Holland and Barrett as they've got their penny sale on. The one I used to get had Senna in...I think that's why I stopped using them ;-)

  • Well, they sell the correct one without senna, the Fruits and Fibres with the purple panel on the front, so that hopefully will help. I always found that I needed a couple of days for them to kick in, maybe you can reduce your mag citrate if the Fruits and Fibres start to work for you.

  • Hi Infomaniac, can you let us know what your leaky gut diet is please? Just want to check I am doing everything I can!

  • Hi Bluemaxx, I just took lots of information from different websites and cobbled my own together.

    Basically, I cut out all grains (I was already gluten free) all dairy, sugar, nightshades (Peppers, tomatoes, potatoes), nuts, coffee and tea, alcohol, legumes, rice, egg whites and I'm taking l-glutamine powder. So as you can see there's not much left!

    I am existing on meat, fish, sweet potatoes, chicken soup (home made from bones. I tried beef bones but OMG...it was so bland ), coconut in all its forms, veg, berries, lots of garlic, ginger and turmeric. Also, although its not recommended I have bananas and pineapple too. I do intend to make some kefir but just haven't got round to it.

    It is tough, no doubt about it but I had, until I got bunged up, been feeling pretty good with a flat tummy :-) so I'm sticking with it and hoping the constipation will pass.

    It hasn't sorted out my brain fog however so I am sure I've probably missed out some vital details!!

  • I have IBS and many years ago when it was at its worst I was given Celevac, big pink pills that you crunch up and swallow with water. From what I can remember they were fine. The doctor gave me that because she reckoned it was gentler than Fybogel although I have to say I use Fybogel now if I need to and I take it in a glass of fizzy water.

    You could always try something like a handful of unsalted nuts and seeds. In the part I've tried all sorts of things from liquorice sticks or pipes - I love it and it's - really tasty but I'm not sure it worked to Ex Lax and senna cot - really nasty got terrible stomach pains.

  • Unfortunately I can't have nuts and seeds on this regime :-( Likewise other stuff that would help, like beans and pulses.

    I have been taking Optibac bifidobacteria with fibre but not having much success and am waiting for delivery of Ortis fruit cubes as recommended by SeasideSusie above so I am expecting big things soon!!

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