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Hi, I posted recently that I was doing the Leaky Gut diet and was feeling OK. However, gradually (as always happens when I do anything low carb) I got totally bunged up. I was taking all kinds of things to help as I was due to go on holiday but nothing was really working so my case was full of digestive enzymes, charcoal, magnesium etc etc! However, once there and finding that trying to keep the diet up wasn't going to work, I took my foot off the gas a bit and though I didn't go mad I felt loads better and my bowels sprang back to life again. It's like a Catch 22. Low carb/gut health or eating carbs and having fully functioning bowels!

I have had gut issues for years but have come to the conclusion that I am much better with carbs in my life...unfortunately as I am trying to keep off grains that means going back to nightshades. I don't seem to suffer any ill effects when I eat them. Are they really that bad?

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  • I think some people are sensitive to nightshades, but I don't think they affect everybody. Tomatoes have a lot of health benefits, and potatoes are full of nutrients. I certainly wouldn't stop eating them.

  • I'm going to take your advice. I certainly feel better eating them.

  • Why were you taking charcoal? One side effect of it is constipation!

    Activated charcoal is safe for most adults when used short-term. Side effects of activated charcoal include constipation and black stools. More serious, but rare, side effects are a slowing or blockage of the intestinal tract, regurgitation into the lungs, and dehydration.

    Source :

  • WHAT????!! I never knew that! I was bloated and really uncomfortable so I thought it might help, but it didn't do a thing...except obviously make matters worse so it seems :-(

    I've got Mag Citrate but I have to take loads before it has any effect and it worries me a bit.

    Since coming off the leaky gut diet I've had rice, potatoes, peppers and feel like my body is working properly again. I am already GF but intend to keep off dairy but reintroduce my beloved carbs! I'll be fatter but it's better than being bunged up, bloated and miserable!

  • To help myself with constipation I use magnesium citrate and vitamin C.

    Although I no longer need it, in the past I also took psyllium seed husk mixed in water and squash. It is a soluble fibre (I wouldn't take an insoluble fibre supplement) and it bulks up and softens faeces. You have to build up dose gradually and expect to have bloating and wind for the first week, but it wears off.

  • Hi .. When I eat low carbs I take Fibre in a drink which helps my vowels ., you buy it in pharmacy

  • What is it called Dinky?

  • It's called Fibro Gel

  • Hi there I've been having muesli which I mix myself in ratio of 75 gms dried fruit, 75 gms seeds/nuts, 200 gms oats and 100 gms oat bran (this is about s weeks worth). It has worked wonders for me.

    I tried it after seeing a 'trust me I'm a doctor' programme that said that oats were the best prebiotic and worked better than yacult etc.

    I eat mine with raw milk; yummy and probiotic...

  • It sounds absolutely lush but I'm not great with grains, and even GF oats bloat me :-(

  • Pity as it's changed my toilet issues.... Although the first week I used it I was producing enough methane to solve the problem of our energy crisis but was told this was my body making the adjustment (a little good/bad bacteria war!) It dud settle down after a week or so and the results were amazing.

    Good luck in finding an alternative

  • Beetroot Juice which can be obtained in most supermarkets helps to keep the bowels open.

  • Really? I'm not a fan of beetroot but when needs be I'll try anything!

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