Gut cleansing

Could anyone please advise how we can cleanse the guts, I have read several things such as coffee enemas. large amounts of Vit C and salt etc. Would be grateful for any advise, been tested for Coeliac and Gluten but negative, but just feel something is not right. I know that everything starts in the gut and if we have parasites etc they drain us of our minerals and vitamins etc. I do have fatigue especially mid afternoon, I am not constipated in any way and go to the toilet normally, but would like to do this in the gentlest possible way, and see if it helps.

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  • I don't think you need do anything very drastic as your stomach may be sensitive already. This is an article from Dr Mercola:

  • I appreciate that Shaws, so I guess taking a probiotic would help? What about the nasties that lie within though, my thought process was that clean out the bad first and then reapply the good? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • I read a very good book on nutrition last year. I shall try to remember the title but I do remember Pau de Arco.

  • was that Louise Tenney's book?

    her emphasis on enemas put me off reading it thoroughly, but most rang true.

  • I don't remember about enemas but I did get lots of interesting info.

  • This book I found very interesting as it covers many different problems.

  • Hi I did a cleanse with garlic and parsley tablets and a probiotic, did wonders.

  • Thanks for that denvajade could you PM me please with the details. Many thanks. Diane

  • H Marmaris, I had tried lots of cleaning diets but this was the best, just buy garlic and parsley tablets from your health shop and take the recommended dosage in the morning then mid day take the probiotic, you will probably find after a few days you have an unusual cleanout. I continued taking these till both bottles used. I also went on a vege eating plan, cutting out meat and only 1 piece of fruit if any as bacteria lives on the sugars and ferments. wishing you well.

  • Hello denvajade I already take oudourless garlic tablets (some even state to each real garlic cloves) I will look out for the parsley tablets aswell. Many thanks. Diane Which Probiotic would you recommend in pill form? Or yogurt etc?

  • could I have those details as well please

  • Hi there take a look at my reply above, wishing you well.

  • A'mid afternoon slump' is relieved by eating slow release carbs for brekky and maintaining sugar levels to avoid spikes. I wouldn't mess with your system like this, just eat well and regularly.

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