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Endo or gut doc?

Drum roll please! For I I'll attend my GP surgery tomorrow to find out if I need an endochronologist or a gut doc......I am at the mercy of two hooray Henry's who are supposed to be doctors...but cannot seem to make the connection between depression ,fatigue, aching joints, exhaustion and vitamin deficiency.....and have openly admitted that they found my blood results odd and didn't know how to interpret them...saying that if I was on levothyroxine they would have a better idea......

I was told on Friday after I called them yet again about my low iron levels (just got a result after constant nagging for a re test after being told 6 weeks was too soon) that I might be referred to an endo but they are not sure so they will have a chat between themselves and decide.

I'm going in on Monday to have some basics taken...weight height blood pressure that they can refer me to someone....this is ridiculous! have suffered for 6 months of low vitamins being fkn patronised to the hilt!....oh it's your heavy periods causing iron deficiency....oh really? Funny that I haven't had a period for 4 months......and what about the chronic low vitamin d? Is that due to a lack of periods? I wonder! And was there any mention of vitamin B. No.....

I challenged them on Friday and said that in order for the thyroid to function it needs iron levels higher than 11!!!! My hair is so thin and I've got bald bits now I told him I was collecting the hair because I didn't think he believed me.....if this hair loss continues I will be bald in 3 months....

He didn't seem concerned....I DO have ferritin fumate now 210mg and I'm taking 3 a day

My question is and has been WHY aft 6-8 months of religiously taking vitamin D and iron ar my levels so low......??? He said last summer your iron levels were at 4 so it's getting better....FFS!!!!! The vitamin D is deficient despite me taking tablets every single day...

So who will I get to go see?

Answers on a postcard.....I'm losing the will to live......

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But exactly what are your results for

Thyroid antibodies


Free t4

Free t3

Without all of those absolutely no one can diagnose hypothyroid

Its possible you have low TSH and a low t4 which means central hypothyroid which is very different from the usual primary hypothyroid which is probzbly all your GPs have an inkling about


i have written all of this down in other posts.


how much d were u taking? i don't think u were taking enough iron to raise your levels, you are now.



If you are feeling very unwell with (suspected) low thyroid hormone you may be suffering from low stomach acid which would hinder absorbtion of nutrients and iron irrespective of how much you supplemented.

Do you have gut issues such as IBS or Candida ?

Are you taking the iron with Vit C to aid absorbtion & help to prevent constipation ?

As RFU suggests above, post any test results complete with ranges ( numbers in brackets) for members to comment.



i eat raw lemon, and drink pure lemon orange juice. I also juice lots of veg. I take my iron tablets with a vitamin c tablet just to be on the safe side and i also swig apple cider vinegar.....

my vit D is low be honest i guess i have to just suck this fkn crap up and let my hair fall out....


Sorry but pure lemon juice and apple cider vinegar may not be the correct answer to low stomach acid


Really? Well please enlighten me... Because I'm just about sick and tired of all these answers from experts who simply don't seem to be giving any solid solutions to my problem which is odd seeing that we all seem to share the same so called disease?

Sorry if I sound really piss@:-d off that's because I am..

Hair continues to fall out and despite all my attempts I seem to be swelling up even more....I'm not sure if this is water bloat or both....I feel DISGusting...and third and fed up.... I know I have a lot to be grateful for and I'm not wanting a load of posts about doing gratitude lists and being thankful for my lot...because I am.

I Cannot understand why the NHS keep sending stuff to get this checked and that and screens for boobs and cervix....???? All I want is to feel well again...let me go and see someone who deals with the gut and let's go from there....if not why in gods name would I want to prolong my life? This is miserable.....I'm miserable, everyday I put on a smile while I cope with weight gain hair loss and palpatations wondering if it will get any better.....what is the point in life if all you do is struggle? And what is the point when it ain't getting any better? They can keep their bloody screens and other pointless tests.. I see no point in them especially when th takes great delight in refusing to off you the help you need and tell you to go and eat a probiotic yoghurt....been there done that and all I do is bloat...cheers doc you useless twat



No, you don't as there will be an answer ... it is just a case of finding it.

ACV & lemon juice are great for encouraging the secetion of gastric acid but will not be enough to replace it. Have you tried taking Betaine HCL (always with Pepsin) ? This replaces the missing gastric acid that becomes low as a result of mismanaged Hypothyoidism.

Hydrochloric acid (HCL) is produced by parietal cells & allows us to digest and absorb our foods & nutrients. Parietal cells also produce something called intrinsic factor allowing vitamin B12 and folic acid absorbtion.

Have you had Vit B12 & folate levels tested?

Low stomach acid will cause symptoms such as bloating, heart burn, indigestion, and increasing intolerance to foods. It will also make the gut vulnerable to a yeast and/or parasite overgrowth.

Do not take Betaine HCL if you have stomach ulcers or medicate anti-inflammatories?

Are you taking or have previously taken PPI's? Doctors often misdiagnose low stomach acid for high.

Vit D is a fat soluble vitamin and should be taken with foods containing fats. If you advise how much and which Vit D you are taking, members will comment.

Both low Vit D and iron can affect good thyroid function.


De Myhill advises on Hypochlorhydria


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


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For vitamin D and iron issues tell the GPs to ring the haemotolgist at the local hospital for advice. There are standard treatments in each area for dealing with these and this is the department who gives out the advice on these issues. You don't need to be referred until their standard treatment isn't working.

For the thyroid post your figures.


Agree with Flower007. It does sound like a low stomach acid problem could be behind the vitamin problem - but this could be due to a food intolerance.

However, you do get what you pay for with supplements and some cheaper ones are abysmal and have bulky fillers that the stomach can't break down. If you're taking cheap VitD with calcium in it at the same time as iron, they will interact and both fail to be absorbed.

I'd imagine your rt3 is high and t3 is low, but your t4 and tsh are 'within normal range' which is what is confusing your GPs. Private test for full spec thyroid is available from Blue Horizon and it may be worth checking if you have the gene that makes t4 to t3 conversion difficult: Look at Thyroid UK for links. Having said that, none of this will be helpful unless your stomach acid levels are managed and you get into a very well managed vitamin taking regime with a diet that helps. A nutritionist may be able to help you here. It is possible you have a hidden dairy or gluten intolerance.

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Polite request to stop using capital letters. Are you a spammer?

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Looks like an ad for nuts!




Have you been tested for Coeliac? Low iron, ferritin and low D3 despite taking supplements can be symptoms of gut damage caused by Coeliac Disease. Many of us who are Hypo have both as both are Auto immune problems. I had exactly the same problem - taking supplements for iron and D3 but no increase. Dr then tested for Coeliac antibodies which were huge!

Have a look at Coeliac UK website they list symptoms and low iron is one of them.

Your hair loss, muscle aches, tiredness etc will be due to the low ferritin and D3. You need to ask why are supplements not being absorbed.

Good luck getting an answer. Stay strong and keep pushing. Sadly it took me nearly 4 years and a new doctor to get my answer.

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Was tested last year I was practically gluten free anyway because I had gut problems which the doctor has ignored..and of course the test came back negative he loved that..because I think he thinks I'm a hypochondriac! Despite the face I've told him wher to shove his stupid antidepressants .....I lost 1.5 stone last year but I think I've gained a bit now..I take wind ease all the time because the bloating is so hideous...but doctor will not listen.... Sent me for a scan on my ovaries !!!!! wTF!??? I actually apologised to the people at the hospital telling the it wa a waste of of course showed nothing...I know I have a gut issue but they will not send me to a gut person they have decided to put me on a waiting list to see an endochronologist, do I do?

The doc doesn't lie, me at all because I told him I did not trust him.


Nutrition is key to recovery, agreed. Research will help - it depends on how prepared one is to change habits of a lifetime.

GPs have not been trained to understand nutrition to a level that is required by a public that has chronic inflammatory issues. Which, frankly, should be addressed. I believe every GP surgery should have a nutritionist available.

The underlying problem for you could be a dairy and gluten intolerance. A paleo diet is often restorative for many people with Hashi's and Chronic Fatigue, but that means eating lots of leafy veg, some unprocessed meat, or a suitable amino acid supplement and lots of protein + vitamin and mineral supplement, untreated fish, nuts and seeds and low glycemic fruit and no grains, no dairy, no soy and no sugar - which to be honest is a big ask; could be somewhat counter-productive at first in that it'll be quite stressful and you'll certainly notice a very weird feeling as you detox.

I followed my sister's example and tried to optimise t4 to t3 conversion: I cut out anything that had poor nutritional benefit, or could be harming me, but I found that I can tolerate oats and enjoy the odd bit of homemade gluten free cake and dark chocolate! I take a few supplements too - Magnesium was vital (not the cheap chalky sort with calcium in it: the sprays are good, but can really sting, but epsom salt baths are brilliant) - it's an amazing muscle relaxant; quality B-complex; D3; soluble Vitamin C with meals that have protein in them; Linseed and Flax. n.b. I'm not veggie, but if I were, this list of supplements would be longer.

Bear in mind that we're all different genetically, and a one-size-fits-all approach is just wrong whether it's coming from a blogger or a medical doctor, so find out what works for you, but be prepared to take control, do lots of research and change! I lost a stone in a month doing the new diet, but what worked for me, worked for me.

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A nutritionist in every GP surgery would in deed be fabulous but I suspect is actually an unrealistic dream ! !

I agree with your excellent advice but be aware linseed // flaxseed is goitrogenic. I take a little both milled & whole as believe everything in moderation.


One hundred per cent agree with you. The reason I take linseed is that it's been recommended for chronic fatigue.

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motivate4change?? - just tried to post this, several hours later from reading it!

With an ongoing gut issue since Dec 2012 [never before that!], I am always interested in suggestions. Recipes look delicious and food can indeed be our best 'medicine'.

My natural scientific scepticism automatically baulks at anything stating "100% well"; huge improvement maybe at 80 - 90% [we all stumble with approx's!] would be great.

Thank you for the link: Donna S will in all likelihood mean well and she may have a lot of answers but I won't be listening to anything from Hay House, due to seeing way too many friends wind up foolishly caught in the clutches of the many H H gurus.

Where did she go?

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I haven't found allopathic doctors worthwhile for any issue related to nutrition or environmental health. Perhaps you would do better with an R.D. Chances are good something in your diet has brought this on; I would look at gluten, dairy, and soy first. Gluten was what crashed my biochemistry.

If you decide to goto an endo, use one who specializes in thyroid. Many of them specialize in diabetes, and are worthless for anything thyroid related.

What do your thyroid antibody tests (TPO, TG) say?

I have no doubt you have digestive insufficiency. If you have low acid, betaine HCl+pepsin could help. If you have low digestive enzymes, consider using what I've found useful there: "Complete Digestion" by Enzyme Science.


I second this - a digestive enzyme formula would be most beneficial.

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Its vital to start right back to basics with not only what you eat but also how its cooked and what your water supply is treated with or even what your water supply pipes are made of

Lead piping

Aluminium pans

Non stick coated pans or grills

Slow cookers,electric steamers,electric coffee makers etc

Aluminium salts or flouride in water treatment facilities

All are deadly cumilative and insidious poisons for many people which goes unrecognised by virtually every medical personell of all description s

Only use cast iron , glass , good quality stainless steel or unchipped enamel cookware


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