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One for the ladies-Advice about the pill


I wanted some advice about the best approach.

I am 27 and was diagnosed hypothyroid in September. Current tsh is 1 and t4 is 21 and I am feeling better then previous.

I have always suffered from bad pms . But over the past 3 months it has become more and more severe. My periods are now irregular. Bleeding is becoming heavier so I am now taking iron tablets as my ferritin is 26 ug/l. I suspect alot of this is down to the thyroid although doing some research I may have had oestrogen dominance before becoming hypo.

Due to all this my doctor wants to put me on the combined oral pill. I wanted to find out from some of you if you have had similar experiences.

Will it help balancing things out more? As I am aware the thyroid and oestrogen have an effect on each other.

I am weary of it making things worse as I seem to be heading in a better direction regarding other hypo symptoms, really do not want to go backwards!

Thanks :)

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I think you should think about this and do some research before popping the pill, i am 48 and suffering myself with hot flushes and periods abit scanty and unpredictable but won't take any hrt as i do not want it to mess around with my thyroid, i was on the combined pill for 20 years, my gp said i needed to come off the pill when i had thyroid disease as it interferes with the thyroid and certainly would not help the situation. I would see what other people would say 1st-if you decide not to take it have a look at other more natural remedies.😊😊


Just my personal experience, but once I was correctly medicated, it has helped settle my cycles. I couldnt take the pill, messed with me too much. Almost like I could feel the surge of hormones. Made me a little crazy, much to the hubby’s delight. 😂😂 that is just my experience though, everyone is different and it could work wonders for you. xx


Thanks for your reply guys. Maybe I will give it a go and see.

As I have read reducing estrogen dominance can actually help the thyroid.

I guess with all of us being so different don’t know till we try x


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