One for the Ladies Swollen Feet!

This is one for the Ladies! I have had Raynauds since I was 21. I do not take any medication for this. I also have an under active Thyroid which was diagnosed 2 years ago. I'm currently not on medication but hopefully in the next few weeks I will go back on to Erfa Thyroid.

I have suffered with swollen feet for 15 years now and every time I go to the doctor he always says

" Your just one of these women that unfortunately suffers with swollen feet" I won't accept this as there is obviously something going on. It really gets me down. I have a great diet stay away from grains, diary, exercise, don't drink or smoke and I 2 litres of water a day. I weigh 9 stone so not over weight.

My question is, is this because I have an under active Thyroid and Raynauds?



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It's due to underactive thyroid.

Are you adequately medicated? If you have your TSH, Free T4 and Free t3 results WITH ranges then post them.

Thank you for your reply. I need to have Some new Thyroid tests

Remember the blood tests should be at the earliest possible, fasting (you can drink water) and allow a gap of 24 hours approx between last dose and test and take it afterwards. Ask if you can have a Full Thyroid Function Test (probably wont but ask anyway).

TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3. Vitamin b12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. If some thyroid ones aren't tested and you can afford it you can have those privately.

Although they can be two separate conditions I think both are hypothyroid.

Swelling is a hypothyroid symptom and maybe adding T3 to your T4 will be more helpful for you. I'd think you aren't on sufficient thyroid hormones.

Symptoms of Raynauds and hypo seem, to me, very similar i.e. cold hands/feet.

Thank you for your reply

I suffered badly with swollen feet/ankles before diagnosis back in 2005. Now it only happens in one foot if I sit too long over lunch and drink more than one glass of wine :-)

I used to keep elastic bandages in the fridge and bind my lower legs up before going to bed - quite a look !! - this was usually whilst on holiday in hot countries - I now live in one and have little problem.

Fluid levels are monitored by the thyroid I have read and the thyroid and the kidney are on the same meridian in Eastern Medicine.

If you are on a computer - then there are Related Posts to the right of yours - if you are on a phone then scroll down and down where you will find the same heading and 10 posts similar to yours ....

Thank you for your reply

This is just a suggesting for alleviation, not cure. Massage is very helpful for interstitial fluid - massage towards the heart; do not cross legs when sitting. (The last one is a must for everyone.) Suggest research into Vit D.

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