One for the ladies!!!!

A tip for all the lovely ladies on this great forum.

I not sure if every one suffers from bonkers body temperatures but I know I do. I'm like a furnace most days. So when the weather is hot and humid I'm over come with hot and sweaty skin

Baggy clothes in natural fabric are awesome but until they bring out linen bras hot boobs is a bit of a nightmare, specially underneath in the crease.

I read a little trick on the internet thought no harm in giving it a go and it works!!!!!

Basically take a roll on deodorant ( I use Mitchum ) and every morning before putting on your bra, roll a line of deodorant under your boobs in the natural crease. Then carry on as normal.

For me is has been a total triumph!!! Gone are the rashes, it's itchiness and the uncomfortable feeling !!

Ladies, give it a go It may sound bonkers but it works !!

Good luck!!! 😃😃😃

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I definitely will thanks Snoddyoddbod 👍. I know the feeling completely, mine swings about drastically. If I'm sat still for a while I can start to feel chill. Think 'oh I'll pop the heating on for 5' . Within minuets of sitting back down I'm so hot I feel the need to completely strip and stand by an open window ! Thankfully for the neighbours I usually restrain myself. Its been 15 years since the hysterectomy you'd think it would be sorting its self out by now ? Nope think I'm stuck with a seriously faulty thermostat !

deff going to try this, starting today x

Let me know how it goes x

Great advise, wish they could do something similar for my face!

Now that would be a bonus!!

My temperature swings wildly about but worse in hot weather. Would try this great idea but as my boobs are tweeny there is no! Willing to do It though on the premise my boobs may grow in the confusion...hurrr hurrrr

Oh! I just bum is massive.....I wonder if.......? Hahaaa..

Have a great weekend peeps...

You never know!!!! It's worth a try. Could be a new beauty treatment !!

Awwww, I'm disappointed! Seeing the title, I was expecting a photo of a fit young man! :D

Lovely idea but with women with bonkers temperatures they would be dropping like flies!!!

Very true!!! :)

As a well endowed lady with sweaty creases no matter the weather, I've been doing this for many years and can highly recommend it! Solid stick deodorants are the best as they leave a light film that prevents chafing, and I have sometimes even used this trick on my inner thighs when going bare legged to prevent the dreaded 'chub rub'! Give it a go! 😀😀

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