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Amazon donation to Thyroid UK

Got a prompt from Amazon to pick a charity for free donations for purchasing from them. They give you six options but you get an option to search for your chosen charity. Thyroid UK is there.

I assumed for last few yrs I've been donating to Thyroid UK via Amazon but it seems you have to use the domain

So those of you who want to donate to Thyroid Uk if you purchase stuff from Amazon make sure you are on the smile website. 😊

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Thank you! We get a donation with every purchase if people use our link from the Amazon website but this is something new that Louise organised.


lynmynott and Louise ,

Thank you for the information . I too was not aware of this service . Does this also work outside of UK ?

Great Cause . Much Success .


I think it will only work when buying from Amazon UK, because other countries will have their own charities. Amazon Smile has been going for a number of years in the US, but has ony very recently been instigated in the UK.


Thanks for that information wasn’t aware you could do that.

I’m always buying from amazon. I’ve now registered that I use ( so they get donations. A very worthy charity.

Best wishes



The other way to help TUK when you buy from Amazon is to use their affiliate link, which they've had for years now.


If you go to "ordinary" Amazon, you might see this message:

You're at

Go to instead if you want to support Thyroid UK.

To do this now:

Enter "" in your browser address bar

Shop & place your order

Amazon donates

We'll show you this reminder periodically.

Don't show me this again

I don't really understand why they are doing this. Anyone know why we don't just choose a charity and it happens automatically?


No idea. We can have both smile and the affiliate link, which I think just confuses matters! Thanks wightmouse for the prompt! I set this up and then was waiting for it go live, then forgot about it! LOL!


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